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AFI vs WLE Comparison (ASX)

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Displayed is AFI vs WLE, to compare various metrics to get a quick reference to see which company is better or improving in which respects.

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AFI - Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited (Panel)

WLE - WAM Leaders Fund (Panel)

Quick Reference Metrics - AFI

Stat Value
Share Price (delayed ~1 day) $8.01
EPS $0.243
PE 32.83
Dividend Yield 3.01%
Average Daily Volume 349,371 shares / $2,798,462
Market Cap $9.8b
Shares on Issue 1.2b
Listing Date 1962-06-30
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Common Search Phrases Afi Share Price, Afic, Afi Asx, Afi, Afi Shares
Sector Not Applic / Not Applic

Quick Reference Metrics - WLE

Stat Value
Share Price (delayed ~1 day) $1.51
EPS $0.229
PE 6.54
Dividend Yield 5.02%
Average Daily Volume 620,406 shares / $936,813
Market Cap $1.5b
Shares on Issue 1b
Listing Date 2016-05-30

Other Metric Changes (Over 7 Days) - AFI

Share Price $8.02 to $8.01 (-0.12%)