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Most Prolific Directors on the ASX (According to our database)

Note: This is a combination of current and historical positions held, and is only tracked from about May 2020 onwards.
So a director showing 5 positions held has likely held (or currently holds) 5 positions since May 2020 (within the 1400 or so companies that we index).

Directors Excluding Secretaries (Secretaries Shown Further Down)

Positions HeldFull NameCompaniesRoles
9Ms Shannon CoatesBGL, DCC, FEX, FMS, MAD, MLX, NEA, TAP, TSO Non Exec. Director
7Mr Ian MiddlemasAON, BKY, CR1, EQX, PLL, SO4, SVM Chairman
6Mr Stuart CarmichaelCPV, DEM, HTG, KTG, OSX, SCL Non Exec. Director
6Mr Mark PearceAON, CR1, EQX, PLL, SO4, SVM Non Exec. Director
6Mr Geoff WilsonFGX, GVF, NAN, WGB, WLE, WMI Non Exec. Director
5Ms Sharon WarburtonBKL, GOR, NST, WES, WOR Non Exec. Director
5Ms Sally HermanBRG, ED1, IAP, PMV, SUN Non Exec. Director
5Ms Kim AndersonCAR, IFM, IVC, MMM, WPP Non Exec. Director
5Ms Christine O'ReillyBHP, CSL, MPL, SGP, TCL Non Exec. Director
5Mr Robert BehetsAON, BKY, CR1, EQX, PLL Non Exec. Director
5Mr Neville BassettAUR, AVL, PAA, 3DP, QFY Non Exec. Chairman
5Mr Mark FreemanAMH, AFI, CE1, DJW, MIR Managing Director
5Mr Mark ConnellyCAI, CHZ, OKU, PGX, TAO Non Exec. Chairman
5Mr Malcolm McComasACW, CXO, FZR, PXS, SND Non Exec. Director
5Mr Jonathan TrollipAPL, FGX, GVF, PL8, PFP Non Exec. Chairman, Non Exec. Director
5Mr John RichardsADT, NST, SFR, SAR, SFX Non Exec. Director
5Dr Stewart WasherBOT, CYP, EMD, OCC, ZLD Chairman
5Dr Nora ScheinkestelALX, AST, BXB, TLS, WBC Chairman, Independent Director
5Dr Gary WeissALG, ARA, CMW, EHE, RIC Chairman
4Ms Wendy StopsALU, BKL, COL, CBA Non Exec. Director
4Ms Sarah MorganFGG, HSN, NTO, WSP Director
4Ms Sally-Anne LaymanIMD, NCM, PRU, PLS Non Exec. Director
4Ms Sally LangerMRM, NST, SFR, SAR Non Exec. Director
4Ms Robin LowAPX, AUB, IPH, MMM Non Exec. Director
4Ms Rebecca McGrathGMG, IPL, MQG, OZL Independent Director
4Ms Raelene MurphyALU, BGA, CSS, IDX Non Exec. Director
4Ms Maxine BrennerORI, ORG, QAN, WOW Non Exec. Director
4Ms Leanne RalphDDR, EHE, IPD, VTI Non Exec. Director
4Ms JoAnne StephensonAHY, CGF, JHC, MYR Director
4Ms Jennifer MacdonaldAPI, BAP, HLS, RBL Non Exec. Director, Independent Director
4Ms Emma SteinABC, CWY, IFN, WOR Non Exec. Director, Independent Director
4Ms Christine HolmanBKL, CKF, CSR, MTS Non Exec. Director
4Ms Carole CampbellHUM, GUD, IGL, SXL Director
4Ms Anne Templeman-JonesCBA, GUD, CGL, WOR Non Exec. Director
4Mrs Melanie WilsonBBN, EML, ISU, JBH Non Exec. Director
4Mr Zlatko TodorcevskiABC, BLD, COL, SGR Deputy Chairman, Non Exec. Director, Independent Director
4Mr Russell ChenuCIM, JHX, MPP, RWC Independent Director
4Mr Robert MillnerAPI, BKI, NHC, TPM Non Exec. Director
4Mr Robert FraserARB, FFI, MFG, MFF Non Exec. Director
4Mr Richard HillBWF, BWR, NWC, SKY Director
4Mr Philip CrutchfieldBC8, ENR, NVO, Z1P Non Exec. Director
4Mr Peter ThomasDCG, IMA, MDI, SO4 Executive Director, CFO
4Mr Peter PawlowitschDUB, FZO, KNO, VRX Non Exec. Director
4Mr Peter NashASX, JLG, MGR, WBC Non Exec. Director
4Mr Peter HoodCUE, DEG, GNG, MCE Non Exec. Director
4Mr Peter HarmerAUB, CBA, IAG, NHF Non Exec. Director
4Mr Peter BushAEI, ING, SXL, VBS CEO
4Mr Michele MuscilloAIS, CDV, MKG, XAM Non Exec. Director
4Mr Michael O'BrienEQT, NBI, PGG, RF1 Managing Director, Director
4Mr Michael CarrollELD, RFF, SHV, SOP Non Exec. Director
4Mr Mel AshtonA3D, DNA, ONX, VMS Non Exec. Director
4Mr Justin TremainCNB, ERX, FIN, MSR Non Exec. Director
4Mr Jonathan DownesCZN, G1A, KAU, KWR Non Exec. Director
4Mr John WelbornAON, EQX, OEC, RSG Non Exec. Director
4Mr John AbernethyALF, CAM, CIW, WAX Non Exec. Director
4Mr Ian CampbellBWX, CVC, KME, MIR Chairman
4Mr Howard Digby4DS, CRO, ELS, VOR Non Exec. Director
4Mr Graeme BillingsAZV, CLV, GUD, KOV Non Exec. Chairman
4Mr Geoffrey WilsonALF, HM1, WAA, WAX Non Exec. Director
4Mr Eduard EshuysDCN, DEG, DGO, NTM Non Exec. Director
4Mr David ClarkeAUB, CHC, COO, HIL Non Exec. Chairman
4Mr Brett LambertAPC, MLX, MCR, MGV Non Exec. Director
4Mr Brent ScrimshawCAT, EGG, KMD, RNO Non Exec. Director
4Mr Anthony KiernanNST, PLS, SAR, VXR Non Exec. Director
4Mr Adrian ByassG1A, INF, KAU, KWR Non Exec. Chairman
4Dr Roger AstonIMC, OSL, PAA, RAP Non Exec. Chairman
3Ms Zita PeachPSQ, SPL, VTI Non Exec. Chairman
3Ms Vickki McFaddenGPT, NCM, TAH Chairman
3Ms Vanessa WallaceEOF, SEK, WES Non Exec. Director
3Ms Tonianne DwyerIPL, MTS, OZL Non Exec. Director
3Ms Sue MacLemanANR, OVN, TD1 Non Exec. Director
3Ms Sandra HookIGL, RDH, RXP Independent Director
3Ms Sam LewisAZJ, NEC, ORA Non Exec. Director
3Ms Pippa DownesINA, WND, Z1P Director
3Ms Melinda SnowdenMP1, SNC, WLE Non Exec. Director
3Ms Melinda ConradASX, ALD, SGP Non Exec. Director
3Ms Margaret SealeSCG, TLS, WBC Non Exec. Director
3Ms Lorraine BerendsAPL, HM1, PNI Non Exec. Director
3Ms Lee AusburnAPI, NHF, SOM Non Exec. Director
3Ms Leanne HeywoodMWY, ORE, QHL Non Exec. Director
3Ms Kathleen ConlonALL, LYC, REA Non Exec. Director
3Ms Katherine Ostin3PL, CAA, DSK Non Exec. Director
3Ms Karen PhinARB, MFG, OBL Non Exec. Director
3Ms Julie FaheyIRE, SEK, VOC Non Exec. Director
3Ms Joanne KendrickBNL, BRU, SGC Managing Director, Executive Director
3Ms Jennifer LambertBSL, NXT, REA Non Exec. Director
3Ms Janine AllisAPI, KGN, MHJ Non Exec. Director
3Ms Jane McAloonHMC, NCM, UMG Director
3Ms Jacqueline HeyAGL, BEN, QAN Non Exec. Director
3Ms Jackie McArthurING, IVC, TGR Independent Director
3Ms Ingrid GroerVG8, VG1, VGI Investor Relations
3Ms Helen KurincicEHE, IDX, MMS Non Exec. Director
3Ms Fiona Trafford-WalkerLNK, PPT, PGL Non Exec. Director
3Ms Fiona MurdochKGL, MMI, NWH Non Exec. Director
3Ms Fiona BennettBWX, HIL, SHV Non Exec. Director
3Ms Diane Smith-GanderAGL, WES, Z1P Non Exec. Director
3Ms Diana EilertDHG, ELD, SUL Non Exec. Director
3Ms Deena ShiffAPX, MMM, PME Non Exec. Director
3Ms Colette GarnseyMFG, MHH, SWM Director
3Ms Christine FeldmanisBFG, OBL, PIC Non Exec. Director
3Ms Christine BartlettMGR, RWC, SIG Non Exec. Director
3Ms Belinda Rowe3PL, HT1, TPW Non Exec. Director
3Ms Anne BrennanARG, CHC, SKI Non Exec. Director
3Ms Annabelle ChaplainMFF, SVW, SUL Chairman
3Ms Andrea HallEVN, PRN, PNC Non Exec. Director
3Ms Alice WilliamsCOE, DJW, EQT Non Exec. Director
3Ms Abigail CheadleISD, QIP, SHM Independent Director
3Mrs Deborah PageBKW, PDL, SSM Non Exec. Director
3Mr Wayne BramwellARL, CZR, WGX Non Exec. Director
3Mr Warwick EvansNCC, NAC, NSC Director
3Mr Trevor Matthews1ST, AMP, VRC Chairman
3Mr Trevor GerberSYD, TGR, VCX Chairman, Non Exec. Director
3Mr Tony FehonECF, ENN, ERF Non Exec. Director
3Mr Terry StinsonA3D, CCE, TLG Non Exec. Director
3Mr Terry CuthbertsonMAR, MNW, MNF Non Exec. Chairman
3Mr Steven GreggALD, CGF, TAH Chairman, Independent Director
3Mr Stephen HeathRDH, SHM, TPW Chairman
3Mr Stephen GoddardAX1, JBH, NCK Non Exec. Director
3Mr Stephen DennisEHX, HRR, RXL Non Exec. Chairman
3Mr Sonny DiduguESH, JAY, THC Investor Relations
3Mr Simon HoltCNI, CIP, COF CFO
3Mr Shaun HardcastleHWK, REE, SCL Non Exec. Director
3Mr Sebastian EvansNCC, NAC, NSC Director
3Mr Seamus CorneliusDNK, DKM, E25 Executive Chairman
3Mr Scott PerkinsBXB, ORG, WOW Non Exec. Director
3Mr Ryan StokesBLD, SVW, SWM Non Exec. Chairman
3Mr Russell BeasleyNBI, PGG, RF1 Director
3Mr Ross BarkerAMH, AFI, MIR Non Exec. Director
3Mr Roger Amos3PL, HT1, REA Non Exec. Director
3Mr Robert Michael Paul LucianoVG8, VG1, VGI Director
3Mr Robert HubbardBEN, HLS, ORE Non Exec. Director
3Mr Robert D MillnerBKW, MLT, SOL Chairman, Non Exec. Director
3Mr Rob SindelBLD, MGR, ORA Non Exec. Director
3Mr Rob McDonaldCEN, FBU, NCZ Chairman
3Mr Richard MontiAME, BDG, PMY Non Exec. Chairman, Director
3Mr Richard HomsanyBRK, GLN, TOE Non Exec. Director
3Mr Richard FreudensteinAPX, COL, REA Non Exec. Director
3Mr Phillip JacksonARM, PDI, XTC Chairman
3Mr Phillip CampbellFWD, LCM, VMT Non Exec. Chairman
3Mr Philippe EtienneALL, CWY, LYC Non Exec. Director
3Mr Philip PowellMVP, PNV, RMY Non Exec. Director
3Mr Peter WilliamsAL8, AFI, SUP Non Exec. Director
3Mr Peter WallARD, MMJ, MYQ Non Exec. Chairman
3Mr Peter RichardsCRO, EHL, GNC Non Exec. Chairman
3Mr Peter LeahyCDA, EOS, CGL Independent Director
3Mr Peter JamesDRO, MAQ, NEA Non Exec. Chairman
3Mr Peter HaroldOGA, PMY, POS Non Exec. Chairman
3Mr Peter GeorgeAQI, ISD, RFG Managing Director
3Mr Peter DoneCNI, CIP, COF Non Exec. Director
3Mr Peter CookCST, TTM, WGX Non Exec. Chairman

Secretaries Only

Positions HeldFull NameCompaniesRoles
19Ms Melanie LeydinTDO, ALC, APH, AVE, CLQ, CUE, DEM, E2M, FLC, IVR, LRK, MEB, MAY, PGC, PAB, PTX, RCL, ST1, SYR Company Secretary
17Mr Mark LicciardoADR, 3DA, ALF, CYG, DGO, EAS, EXP, FDV, FGG, FGX, GVF, GMR, KGN, LSF, NTO, SNC, SMX Joint Co. Secretary
12Mr Mark Andrew LicciardoAJX, AMA, APZ, ARC, AVH, ELS, ISU, LIC, PSQ, PAL, PWL, WBT Joint Co. Secretary
11Mr Matthew FoyANA, EPM, FEX, FNT, GTR, MEI, TIE, TNR, VMY, XTC, XTD Company Secretary
10Mr Justyn StedwellAMT, CLB, CRO, GTG, G88, IMU, JAT, LSH, OLL, RFT Company Secretary
8Ms Susan ParkAV1, AC8, BCI, LEX, LIN, NUH, OBM, VRC Company Secretary
8Ms Susan HunterAV1, AC8, BCI, LEX, LIN, NUH, OBM, VRC Company Secretary
8Ms Laura NewellCG1, CVF, CM8, ED1, MA1, NCC, NAC, STG Company Secretary
8Mr Steven WoodADV, ARM, BDG, CZI, NOR, RNT, RTR, TIN Company Secretary
7Mr Phillip HainsANP, AEE, IMC, IMU, SWF, SUD, TTB Company Secretary
7Mr Hasaka MartinADA, DNA, ICQ, IBX, JLG, QIP, SEQ Company Secretary
7Mr David FranksAUB, AU8, CGS, JCS, NVO, NYR, Z1P Company Secretary
7Mr Andrew Whitten1ST, AHL, APV, BNL, JAN, TNY, HPG Company Secretary
6Ms Kate ThorleyFGG, FGX, WAM, WGB, WLE, WMI Company Secretary
6Mr Jesse HamiltonWAA, WAM, WGB, WLE, WMI, WAX Joint Co. Secretary
6Mr David Hwang8CO, AML, APV, AGD, LVT, TNY Joint Co. Secretary
6Mr Brett TuckerAL8, CPV, GMV, HTG, RND, SCL Company Secretary
5Ms Vanessa ChidrawiCWZ, FCL, KSS, WZR, MYD Company Secretary
5Ms Oonagh MaloneEUC, HWK, NCZ, REE, RGL Company Secretary
5Ms Melanie Jaye LeydinCAJ, EN1, IVX, RIM, RGI Company Secretary
5Ms Linda KiriczenkoWAA, WAM, WLE, WMI, WAX Joint Co. Secretary
5Mr Winton WilleseeAR9, CPH, MMJ, NET, NZS Joint Co. Secretary
5Mr Simon RobertsonAZY, BBX, BOT, EMD, OCC Company Secretary
5Mr Peter Webse4DS, ACW, CYP, IME, RAC Company Secretary
5Mr Peter TorreCXZ, MRC, RLG, GO2, VEE Company Secretary
5Mr Matthew RoweAMH, AFI, CUP, DJW, MIR Company Secretary
5Mr Julian Richard RockettCOO, EEG, GSW, OLI, VTI Company Secretary
5Mr Ben SecrettANA, BUD, CST, COS, HWH Company Secretary
4Ms Kim ClarkAVA, BRN, CAF, UBN Joint Co. Secretary
4Ms Elissa HansenARS, ID8, LPE, ZNO Company Secretary
4Mr Zane LewisFRN, TAP, TTM, VML Joint Co. Secretary
4Mr Stephen BrockhurstG1A, KAU, KWR, NES Company Secretary
4Mr Sonu CheemaEMT, FGL, SCI, YOJ Company Secretary
4Mr Philip GentryEQT, NBI, PGG, RF1 Company Secretary
4Mr Oliver CartonAUZ, PYG, PTL, WNR Company Secretary
4Mr Nicholas OngFML, HE8, WCN, ZNC Company Secretary
4Mr Mark PittsBC8, DYL, HMX, TGN Company Secretary
4Mr Mark BryantCHC, CLW, CQR, CQE Company Secretary
4Mr Kevin HartAYR, DCN, ENR, GBZ Company Secretary
4Mr Justin MouchaccaAVC, CHK, OIL, WNB Company Secretary
4Mr Justin ClyneCBE, FZR, GNX, SZL Company Secretary
4Mr John FitzgeraldAGL, DNK, ERX, NST Company Secretary
4Mr Ian HobsonDCG, DUB, PCK, WKT Company Secretary
4Mr Grant MooneyA3D, BAR, CCE, TLG Company Secretary
4Mr Gabriel ChiappiniADT, BKT, IVZ, KAT Joint Co. Secretary
4Mr Dennis WilkinsDKM, EMH, IMA, MDI Company Secretary
4Mr Dean Jagger8CO, HCT, LAW, TNY Company Secretary
4Mr Calvin KwokAPL, PNI, PL8, SEC Company Secretary
4Mr Brett CrowleyFPC, HT8, JAT, UCM Company Secretary
4Mr Andrew PorterAMH, AFI, DJW, MIR Company Secretary
4Mr Andrew MetcalfeCCG, MEM, NAM, VIP Company Secretary
4Mr Adrien WingKAI, MTH, RHY, SEI Company Secretary
4Miss Erlyn DaleAR9, CPH, NET, NZS Joint Co. Secretary
3Ms Sinead TeagueEX1, LKE, NVO Company Secretary
3Ms Sarah Smith88E, EHX, ROO Company Secretary
3Ms Rebecca WeirADA, JLG, SEQ Company Secretary
3Ms Nyla BaconAMS, IBX, OLI Company Secretary
3Ms Melissa Kate ChapmanDNK, E25, EUR Joint Co. Secretary
3Ms Melanie RossCLA, HSC, TMR Company Secretary
3Ms Mariana KolaroskiMFG, MHH, MFF Company Secretary
3Ms Marcia Paulina VenegasMFG, MHH, MFF Company Secretary
3Ms Maggie NiewidokAFL, JAN, PKS Company Secretary
3Ms Lisa JonesRDH, SHM, UMG Company Secretary
3Ms Jennifer CurrieNBI, PGG, RF1 Company Secretary
3Ms Gillian NairnAMI, CAA, NXS Company Secretary
3Ms Eryn KestelBBX, EPM, MHC Company Secretary
3Ms Eryl Lynne BaronAHX, COO, KNM Company Secretary
3Ms Elizabeth Spooner1ST, LSH, SCU Company Secretary
3Ms Elizabeth McGregorEX1, RZI, TGG Company Secretary
3Ms Charly DuffyBET, LVH, SPT Company Secretary
3Ms Bianca TaveiraHRZ, RWD, YRL Company Secretary
3Ms Belinda Ann CleminsonAPZ, FDV, PKS Joint Co. Secretary
3Ms Anna KovarikCNI, CIP, COF Company Secretary
3Ms Andrea Simone BettiADN, AGY, MAG Company Secretary
3Mrs Amanda Wilton-HealdBNL, PWN, RFR Company Secretary
3Mr Trevor Raymond O'ConnorCZR, ERX, HRN Company Secretary
3Mr Tony WalshBAT, LEG, MAG Company Secretary
3Mr Tom BloomfieldCVF, HM1, IMM Company Secretary
3Mr Todd RichardsAHX, JLG, KNM Company Secretary
3Mr Symon SimmonsECF, ENN, ERF Company Secretary
3Mr Stuart UsherHCT, ICT, SRY Company Secretary
3Mr Stephen RodgersBLU, GLL, HSC Company Secretary
3Mr Stephen John KellyBDA, CHZ, TGH Company Secretary
3Mr Stephen Hewitt-DuttonCZR, DTS, SW1 Company Secretary
3Mr Sebastian AndreCST, VML, YPB Company Secretary
3Mr Scott William BarrettECP, FSI, GFL Company Secretary
3Mr Sam WrightPAA, SMN, WOA Company Secretary
3Mr Robert LeesFPL, NET, OLI Company Secretary
3Mr Peter HockingSTW, SLF, SFY Company Secretary
3Mr Michael HigginsonCAG, SHO, VIP Company Secretary
3Mr Lloyd FlintHCH, MAN, WEL Company Secretary
3Mr Julian RockettCAF, DSE, MNS Company Secretary
3Mr Jonathan HartAPV, EM1, HMD Company Secretary
3Mr Ian CameronVG8, VG1, VGI Company Secretary
3Mr Guy RobertsonARV, CI1, NET Company Secretary
3Mr Graeme SmithAME, ENT, VLT Company Secretary
3Mr Glenn ButterworthTDI, TGP, TOT Company Secretary
3Mr Frank CampagnaCYL, RED, SWK Company Secretary
3Mr Emmanuel CorreiaARD, BLG, CAY Joint Co. Secretary
3Mr Dylan BrowneAON, BKY, SVM Company Secretary