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Top 100 Largest Other Sector Companies on ASX

Other includes Consumer Staples, Real Estate, Communication Services, Materials, Utilities and undefined.
RankTickerCompany Name Website Market Cap Sector Listed
1 TLS Telstra$47,142,063,600Communication Services1997
2 REA REA Group$16,234,563,625Communication Services1999
3 BLD Boral$3,926,994,772Materials2000
4 BKW Brickworks$3,635,603,317Materials1962
5 NEC Nine$3,376,678,641Communication Services2013
6 GOZ Growthpoint$2,481,704,108Real Estate2007
7 NUF Nufarm$2,252,071,618Materials1988
8 LIC Lifestyle Communities$2,065,811,789Real Estate1998
9 DHG Domain$1,964,453,746Communication Services2017
10 GNC Graincorp$1,681,852,888Consumer Staples1998
11 BKL Blackmores$1,661,096,983Consumer Staples1985
12 BKI BKI Investment$1,398,092,273Not Applic2003
13 DUI Diversified United Investment$1,099,030,106Not Applic1991
14 DJW Djerriwarrh$776,882,215Not Applic1995
15 SM1 Synlait Milk$706,018,765Consumer Staples2016
16 RF1 Regal Investment Fund$611,370,915Not Applic2019
17 HM1 Hearts And Minds Investments$574,184,139Not Applic2018
18 A4N Alpha HPA$514,331,762Materials2007
19 GCI Gryphon Capital Income Trust$481,460,608Not Applic2018
20 SLC Superloop$351,189,796Communication Services2015
21 SDG Sunland Group Limited$245,068,032Real Estate1995
22 D2O Duxton Water$198,304,141Utilities2016
23 LRK Lark Distillery$171,112,700Consumer Staples2003
24 GTN Global Traffic Network$114,133,067Communication Services2016
25 HZR Hazer Group$103,970,683Materials2015
26 LSX Lion Selection Group$73,392,424Not Applic2013
27 DBF Duxton Broadacre Farms$67,830,566Consumer Staples2018
28 APW Aims Property Securities Fund$56,316,640Real Estate2004
29 DGH Desane Group Holdings Limited$38,864,491Real Estate1987
30 AIQ Alternative Investment Trust$38,152,614Not Applic2005
31 NGE Nge Capital Limited$28,260,000Not Applic2007
32 RNT Limited$20,546,168Communication Services1994
33 TFL Tasfoods Limited$17,920,916Consumer Staples1999
34 ZNO Zoono$15,857,896Materials1988
35 TGH Terragen Holdings Limited$15,521,539Materials2019
36 HVM Happy Valley Nutrition$13,389,361Consumer Staples2020
37 AJX Alexium International Group Limited$10,973,960Materials1999
38 NUC Nuchev$10,869,756Consumer Staples2019
39 LPE Locality Planning Energy Holdings Limited$8,907,814Utilities2011
40 SW1 Swift Networks Group Limited$7,113,560Communication Services1994