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Top 100 Largest Other Sector Companies on ASX

Other includes Consumer Staples, Real Estate, Communication Services, Materials, Utilities and undefined.
RankTickerCompany Name Website Market Cap Sector Listed
1 WOW Woolworths$42,122,431,879Consumer Staples1993
2 GMG Goodman Group$31,554,271,297Real Estate2005
3 COL Coles$21,852,099,995Consumer Staples2018
4 REA REA Group$15,741,766,406Communication Services1999
5 NWS News Corp$13,897,311,336Communication Services2013
6 JHX James Hardie$13,766,280,541Materials2001
7 SCG Scentre Group$13,494,983,681Real Estate2014
8 AFI AFIC$9,205,405,192Not Applic1962
9 SPK Spark NZ$8,440,859,512Communication Services1991
10 DXS Dexus$8,357,141,961Real Estate2004
11 VCX Vicinity Centres$7,829,913,616Real Estate2011
12 SGP Stockland$7,734,436,185Real Estate1987
13 MGR Mirvac$7,674,698,122Real Estate1999
14 LLC Lendlease$6,209,677,305Real Estate1962
15 CEN Contact Energy$5,402,017,057Utilities2015
16 STW STW S&P ASX 200$4,316,319,088Not Applic2001
17 FBU Fletcher Building$3,563,163,527Materials2001
18 NEC Nine$3,282,882,012Communication Services2013
19 BLD Boral$2,868,029,889Materials2000
20 NSR National Storage$2,710,413,216Real Estate2013
21 SCP SCA Property$2,684,258,592Real Estate2012
22 GNE Genesis Energy$2,614,391,904Utilities2014
23 GOZ Growthpoint$2,415,326,771Real Estate2007
24 CSR CSR$2,100,658,996Materials1962
25 NUF Nufarm$1,950,265,662Materials1988
26 DHG Domain$1,932,870,888Communication Services2017
27 CMW Cromwell$1,833,206,689Real Estate1973
28 GNC Graincorp$1,746,711,577Consumer Staples1998
29 LIC Lifestyle Communities$1,597,449,602Real Estate1998
30 LSF L1 Long Short Fund$1,515,682,844Not Applic2018
31 WLE WAM Leaders Fund$1,468,343,735Not Applic2016
32 MFF MFF Capital Investments$1,402,628,458Not Applic2006
33 BKL Blackmores$1,244,704,448Consumer Staples1985
34 ABC Adbri$1,226,939,803Materials1962
35 BKI BKI Investment$1,200,495,231Not Applic2003
36 AUI AUI$1,171,652,816Not Applic1974
37 AAC AACo$1,087,993,978Consumer Staples2001
38 BGA Bega Cheese$1,069,722,991Consumer Staples2011
39 CGC Costa Group$1,012,711,296Consumer Staples2015
40 DUI Diversified United Investment$983,314,011Not Applic1991
41 SFY SFY S&P ASX 50$767,275,332Not Applic2001
42 DJW Djerriwarrh$729,956,444Not Applic1995
43 SM1 Synlait Milk$692,903,865Consumer Staples2016
44 SWM Seven West Media$675,800,252Communication Services1992
45 PL8 Plato Investment Management$651,580,547Not Applic2017
46 WGB Wilson Asset Management$631,910,822Not Applic2018
47 PGF PM Capital$602,711,911Not Applic2013
48 NBI NB Global Corporate Income Trust$600,087,769Not Applic2018
49 WHF Whitefield$579,917,301Not Applic1971
50 RF1 Regal Investment Fund$549,591,684Not Applic2019
51 MIR Mirrabooka Investments$548,463,079Not Applic2001
52 QRI Qualitas$544,384,082Not Applic2018
53 VG1 VGI Partners Global Investments$533,862,661Not Applic2017
54 SLF STW S&P ASX 200 LISTED PROPERTY$501,486,010Not Applic2002
55 FGX Future Generation Investment Company$476,563,866Not Applic1997
56 GCI Gryphon Capital Income Trust$468,086,702Not Applic2018
57 FGG Future Generation Global Investment Company$449,523,039Not Applic2015
58 GDI GDI Property$445,512,517Real Estate2013
59 VG8 VGI Partners Asian Investments$416,990,329Not Applic2019
60 PMC Platinum Asset Management$356,603,821Not Applic1994
61 IGL IVE Group$331,505,670Communication Services2015
62 GDF Garda Property$327,807,880Real Estate2015
63 SRV Servcorp Limited$327,244,461Real Estate1999
64 SDG Sunland Group Limited$325,844,646Real Estate1995
65 WMI Wilson Asset Management$319,984,999Not Applic2017
66 GNX Genex Power$311,664,857Utilities2015
67 SLC Superloop$308,124,536Communication Services2015
68 PAI Platinum Asia Investments$306,212,555Not Applic2015
69 WAX WAM Research Fund$272,303,277Not Applic2003
70 FDV Frontier Digital$250,348,462Communication Services2016
71 AOF Australian Unity$218,629,971Real Estate2016
72 WQG Contango$214,819,438Not Applic2017
73 QVE QV Equities$210,660,474Not Applic2014
74 CLV Clover Corporation$203,055,959Materials1999
75 GVF Global Value Fund$202,985,754Not Applic2014
76 BRI Big River Industries Limited$184,878,596Materials2017
77 TGP 360 Capital$181,333,078Real Estate2005
78 LRK Lark Distillery$179,268,845Consumer Staples2003
79 FRI Finbar Group Limited$176,880,042Real Estate1994
80 AVJ Avjennings Limited$166,554,598Real Estate1994
81 HPG HiPages$165,125,461Communication Services2020
82 AVG Australian Vintage$156,635,861Consumer Staples1992
83 WGN Wagners$154,785,399Materials2017
84 ANO Advance NanoTek$137,975,126Materials2005
85 MCA Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod$133,919,343Consumer Staples2011
86 SEC Spheria Emerging Companies$120,301,266Not Applic2017
87 CAM Clime Capital$116,638,792Not Applic2004
88 DNK Danakali$103,133,617Materials2003
89 CSS Clean Seas Seafood$98,466,260Consumer Staples2005
90 NSC NAOS Small Cap Opportunities$97,694,263Not Applic2004
91 ACQ Acorn Capital Investment Fund$91,655,873Not Applic2014
92 FSG Field Solutions Holdings Limited$91,648,993Communication Services2005
93 GTN Global Traffic Network$88,264,407Communication Services2016
94 STG Straker Translations$87,458,149Communication Services2018
95 MWY Midway Limited$78,165,919Materials2016
96 WOA Wide Open Agriculture Ltd$70,553,228Consumer Staples2018
97 FGR First Graphene$66,201,473Materials1994
98 WAA WAM Active$62,309,503Not Applic2008
99 NCC NAOS Emerging Opportunities$60,550,836Not Applic2013
100 APW Aims Property Securities Fund$56,868,931Real Estate2004