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Top 100 Largest Other Sector Companies on ASX

Other includes Consumer Staples, Real Estate, Communication Services, Materials, Utilities and undefined.
RankTickerCompany Name Website Market Cap Sector Listed
1 WOW Woolworths$45,823,213,662Consumer Staples1993
2 REA REA Group$20,882,447,319Communication Services1999
3 NWS News Corp$18,335,509,610Communication Services2013
4 NEC Nine$3,287,967,698Communication Services2013
5 CSR CSR$2,711,538,774Materials1962
6 DHG Domain$2,495,045,754Communication Services2017
7 GNE Genesis Energy$2,460,778,235Utilities2014
8 LSF L1 Long Short Fund$1,775,860,669Not Applic2018
9 GOZ Growthpoint$1,696,166,582Real Estate2007
10 GNC Graincorp$1,583,819,199Consumer Staples1998
11 ABC Adbri$1,365,458,745Materials1962
12 CMW Cromwell$1,126,112,681Real Estate1973
13 DUI Diversified United Investment$1,048,877,260Not Applic1991
14 BGA Bega Cheese$848,851,864Consumer Staples2011
15 DJW Djerriwarrh$750,092,440Not Applic1995
16 NBI NB Global Corporate Income Trust$612,736,198Not Applic2018
17 WHF Whitefield$597,017,411Not Applic1971
18 GCI Gryphon Capital Income Trust$486,323,846Not Applic2018
19 SLC Superloop$338,910,433Communication Services2015
20 GDI GDI Property$305,752,194Real Estate2013
21 SM1 Synlait Milk$249,183,094Consumer Staples2016
22 QVE QV Equities$208,309,169Not Applic2014
23 GVF Global Value Fund$203,738,232Not Applic2014
24 BRI Big River Industries Limited$186,253,010Materials2017
25 SDG Sunland Group Limited$130,064,039Real Estate1995
26 LRK Lark Distillery$102,975,660Consumer Staples2003
27 ACQ Acorn Capital Investment Fund$85,604,584Not Applic2014
28 ANO Advance NanoTek$58,997,974Materials2005
29 APW Aims Property Securities Fund$56,984,426Real Estate2004
30 DGH Desane Group Holdings Limited$38,864,491Real Estate1987
31 DEM De.mem$34,324,841Utilities2017
32 STG Straker Translations$33,241,257Communication Services2018
33 GFL Global Masters Fund Limited$31,633,319Not Applic2006
34 NGE Nge Capital Limited$30,100,288Not Applic2007
35 GC1 Glennon Capital$24,093,377Not Applic2015
36 WLD Wellard Limited$20,718,762Consumer Staples2015
37 BGT Bio-Gene$16,550,469Materials2017
38 ACU Acumentis Group Limited$14,835,873Real Estate2003
39 BFC Beston Global Food Company Limited$11,982,281Consumer Staples2015
40 SW1 Swift Networks Group Limited$9,312,951Communication Services1994
41 KNM Kneomedia Limited$6,019,141Communication Services1987
42 WNR Wingara Ag Ltd$5,441,818Consumer Staples1990
43 NZS New Zealand Coastal Seafoods Limited$3,308,020Consumer Staples2007
44 RF1 Regal Investment Fund$0Not Applic2019
45 NUF Nufarm$0Materials1988
46 LIC Lifestyle Communities$0Real Estate1998
47 AJX Alexium International Group Limited$0Materials1999
48 BLD Boral$0Materials2000
49 ZNO Zoono$0Materials1988
50 TFL Tasfoods Limited$0Consumer Staples1999
51 RNT Limited$0Communication Services1994
52 LSX Lion Selection Group$0Not Applic2013
53 D2O Duxton Water$0Utilities2016
54 BKW Brickworks$0Materials1962
55 HM1 Hearts And Minds Investments$0Not Applic2018
56 BTC Btc Health Ltd$0Not Applic2000
57 BUB Bubs Australia$0Consumer Staples1993
58 A2M A2 Milk$0Consumer Staples2015
59 ECP Ecp Emerging Growth Limited$0Not Applic2014
60 AMH Amcil$0Not Applic2000
61 OPH Ophir High Conviction Fund$0Not Applic2018
62 RWD Reward Minerals Ltd$0Materials1991
63 AMC Amcor$0Materials1969
64 BWP BWP$0Real Estate1998
65 HMC HomeCo$0Real Estate2019
66 CDM Cadence Capital$0Not Applic2006
67 ECF Elanor Property$0Real Estate2019
68 CXL Calix$0Materials2018
69 TOP Thorney Opportunities$0Not Applic2000
70 ORG Origin Energy$0Utilities1961
71 EXL Elixinol Global$0Consumer Staples2018
72 MAQ Macquarie Telecom$0Communication Services1999
73 ORI Orica$0Materials1961
74 WOA Wide Open Agriculture Ltd$-1Consumer Staples2018
75 DNK Danakali$-1Materials2003