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Top 100 Largest Other Sector Companies on ASX

Other includes Consumer Staples, Real Estate, Communication Services, Materials, Utilities and undefined.
RankTickerCompany Name Website Market Cap Sector Listed
1 WOW Woolworths$47,957,194,369Consumer Staples1993
2 TLS Telstra$36,869,223,351Communication Services1997
3 GMG Goodman Group$34,269,812,680Real Estate2005
4 AMC Amcor$24,829,062,446Materials1969
5 COL Coles$23,944,038,043Consumer Staples2018
6 REA REA Group$18,710,072,993Communication Services1999
7 JHX James Hardie$17,673,119,296Materials2001
8 SCG Scentre Group$15,207,808,533Real Estate2014
9 MEZ Meridian Energy$15,119,282,959Utilities2013
10 NWS News Corp$14,715,902,444Communication Services2013
11 URW Westfield$14,345,739,086Real Estate2018
12 APA APA Group$12,495,075,850Utilities2000
13 SGP Stockland$10,885,092,379Real Estate1987
14 DXS Dexus$10,781,645,856Real Estate2004
15 MGR Mirvac$10,395,149,186Real Estate1999
16 A2M A2 Milk$10,210,845,384Consumer Staples2015
17 LLC Lendlease$10,158,829,584Real Estate1962
18 SEK Seek$9,242,330,374Communication Services2005
19 GPT Gpt$9,233,184,958Real Estate1971
20 CCL Coca-Cola$9,129,636,204Consumer Staples1970
21 AFI AFIC$8,821,237,378Not Applic1962
22 AGL AGL Energy$8,678,860,709Utilities2006
23 SPK Spark NZ$8,185,271,707Communication Services1991
24 VCX Vicinity Centres$7,829,913,616Real Estate2011
25 MCY Mercury NZ$7,627,334,019Utilities2013
26 TWE Treasury Wine Estates$7,401,978,750Consumer Staples2011
27 AST AusNet$7,055,731,505Utilities2005
28 ORI Orica$6,997,350,771Materials1961
29 BLD Boral$6,373,399,750Materials2000
30 CHC Charter Hall$6,101,680,416Real Estate2005
31 ARG Argo Investments$5,969,873,783Not Applic1963
32 CEN Contact Energy$5,288,645,061Utilities2015
33 CAR$4,976,950,518Communication Services2009
34 IPL Incitec Pivot$4,777,873,571Materials2003
35 FBU Fletcher Building$4,558,137,980Materials2001
36 STW STW S&P ASX 200$4,208,085,673Not Applic2001
37 NEC Nine$4,092,943,807Communication Services2013
38 IFT Infratil Limited.$3,953,822,560Utilities2010
39 SKI Spark Infrastructure$3,632,513,195Utilities2005
40 CNU Chorus Limited$3,482,323,846Communication Services2011
41 GNE Genesis Energy$3,255,934,191Utilities2014
42 MLT Milton Corporation$3,167,615,254Not Applic1962
43 MTS Metcash$3,087,535,719Consumer Staples2005
44 BKW Brickworks$3,034,746,716Materials1962
45 GOZ Growthpoint$2,880,102,484Real Estate2007
46 SCP SCA Property$2,756,024,356Real Estate2012
47 BWP BWP$2,755,826,515Real Estate1998
48 VOC Vocus$2,615,313,681Communication Services1999
49 ORA Orora$2,582,253,945Materials2013
50 DHG Domain$2,559,074,958Communication Services2017
51 CLW Charter Hall$2,531,256,338Real Estate2016
52 CMW Cromwell$2,447,335,081Real Estate1973
53 CSR CSR$2,392,937,086Materials1962
54 MGG Magellan Financial Group$2,258,276,566Not Applic2017
55 CQR Charter Hall$2,215,266,561Real Estate1995
56 ABC Adbri$2,145,956,347Materials1962
57 ABP Abacus Property$2,110,286,930Real Estate2002
58 NSR National Storage$1,933,614,606Real Estate2013
59 HTA Hutchison Telecommunications (australia) Limited$1,900,151,201Communication Services1999
60 EVT Event Hospitality and Entertainment$1,797,330,059Communication Services1962
61 CIP Centuria Group$1,718,120,851Real Estate2012
62 WAM WAM Capital Fund$1,704,427,169Not Applic1999
63 ELD Elders$1,653,066,355Consumer Staples1981
64 NUF Nufarm$1,606,108,606Materials1988
65 CGC Costa Group$1,591,296,636Consumer Staples2015
66 MFF MFF Capital Investments$1,551,622,123Not Applic2006
67 BKL Blackmores$1,532,919,459Consumer Staples1985
68 INA Ingenia$1,531,996,051Real Estate2004
69 AVN Aventus$1,515,218,728Real Estate2015
70 CNI Centuria Capital$1,463,663,482Real Estate2002
71 TLT Tilt Renewables Limited.$1,401,822,048Utilities2016
72 UMG United Malt$1,346,306,108Consumer Staples2020
73 MXT MXT Master Income Trust$1,271,841,739Not Applic2017
74 LSF L1 Long Short Fund$1,239,075,422Not Applic2018
75 LIC Lifestyle Communities$1,200,178,104Real Estate1998
76 ING Inghams$1,178,224,335Consumer Staples2016
77 COF Centuria$1,157,676,316Real Estate2014
78 MAQ Macquarie Telecom$1,151,930,015Communication Services1999
79 UOS United Overseas Australia Limited $1,150,912,042Real Estate1988
80 SM1 Synlait Milk$1,122,283,599Consumer Staples2016
81 BKI BKI Investment$1,121,341,813Not Applic2003
82 AUI AUI$1,114,487,164Not Applic1974
83 WLE WAM Leaders Fund$1,103,672,044Not Applic2016
84 BGA Bega Cheese$1,088,699,900Consumer Staples2011
85 CQE Charter Hall$1,083,766,518Real Estate2003
86 GNC Graincorp$1,043,581,664Consumer Staples1998
87 HM1 Hearts And Minds Investments$1,037,250,005Not Applic2018
88 DUI Diversified United Investment$1,024,098,999Not Applic1991
89 OML oOh Media$1,017,875,842Communication Services2014
90 HMC HomeCo$1,003,183,529Real Estate2019
91 UWL Uniti Wireless$961,339,978Communication Services2019
92 ARF Arena$957,229,484Real Estate2013
93 MHH Magellan High Conviction Trust$942,060,825Not Applic2019
94 LEP Ale Property$917,836,744Real Estate2003
95 RFF Rural Funds$901,488,460Real Estate2014
96 PGH Pact Group$894,383,347Materials2013
97 VG1 VGI Partners Global Investments$859,444,152Not Applic2017
98 NBI NB Global Corporate Income Trust$829,326,425Not Applic2018
99 KKC KKR Credit Income$791,800,000Not Applic2019
100 TGR Tassal$767,142,910Consumer Staples2003