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100 Oldest Companies on the ASX

While the ASX was formed in 1987, some of the companies go all the way back to 1885. Displayed is the top 100 companies with earliest founding dates.
Note: Some of the companies have a 'founding date' while others have a 'listing date', so the table is not 100% comprehensive, but is generally correct.

Ordered by Oldest Companies

Rank Ticker Company Name PE Market Cap Sector Listed
1 BHP BHP 27.89$157,102,254,949Metals & Mining1885
2 SOL WHSP 8.07$7,847,378,590Energy1903
3 ALQ ALS Global 36.33$6,271,534,997Industrials1952
4 STO Santos 0.00$13,581,590,587Energy1954
5 APE AP Eagers 28.51$4,218,841,601Consumer Discretionary1957
6 ORG Origin Energy 0.00$7,855,001,377Energy1961
7 AWC Alumina 25.38$4,874,824,781Metals & Mining1961
8 ORI Orica 69.19$5,216,167,667Materials1961
9 NAB National Australia Bank 19.29$85,022,867,223Financials1962
10 CSR CSR 18.64$2,722,997,373Materials1962
11 MLT Milton Corporation 48.78$4,166,743,650Not Applic1962
12 ABC Adbri 25.00$2,342,932,922Materials1962
13 EVT Event Hospitality and Entertainment 0.00$1,903,719,103Communication Services1962
14 AFI AFIC 56.17$10,181,778,804Not Applic1962
15 LLC Lendlease 0.00$8,400,743,722Real Estate1962
16 GUD GUD 21.14$1,107,569,113Consumer Discretionary1962
17 BKW Brickworks 11.78$3,709,566,844Materials1962
18 HIL Hills Australia 0.00$33,637,901Information Technology1962
19 ILU Iluka Resources 1.73$4,177,768,749Metals & Mining1962
20 MCP McPherson's 83.46$139,317,754Consumer Staples1962
21 GOW Gowing Bros 24.29$147,468,703Financials1962
22 RIO Rio Tinto 16.86$49,806,079,701Metals & Mining1962
23 CIM CIMIC Group 12.71$6,459,397,935Industrials1962
24 ARG Argo Investments 45.56$6,771,944,911Not Applic1963
25 PPT Perpetual Limited 31.39$2,107,920,376Financials1964
26 CYG Coventry Group Limited 0.00$128,716,365Industrials1966
27 SBM St Barbara 9.64$1,221,341,036Metals & Mining1969
28 AMC Amcor 23.11$24,243,919,922Materials1969
29 ANZ ANZ Bank 15.81$79,000,700,775Financials1969
30 FAU First Au Limited 0.00$7,990,174Metals & Mining1970
31 OZL OZ Minerals 36.15$7,848,113,931Metals & Mining1970
32 CIN Carlton Investments 33.10$801,917,906Not Applic1970
33 WBC Westpac 19.65$89,953,871,132Financials1970
34 KOV Korvest 12.02$74,379,793Industrials1970
35 TNG TNG 0.00$86,215,296Metals & Mining1971
36 GPT Gpt 0.00$8,869,123,501Real Estate1971
37 EM1 Emerge Gaming Limited 0.00$37,000,751Communication Services1971
38 HWK Hawkstone Mining 0.00$49,519,712Metals & Mining1971
39 COO Corum Health 23.89$51,321,084Information Technology1971
40 LSA Lachlan Star Limited 0.00$45,774,458Metals & Mining1971
41 ONX Orminex Ltd 0.00$18,080,519Metals & Mining1971
42 EZL Euroz Limited 20.80$321,627,631Financials1971
43 KPO Kalina Power 0.00$33,737,080Utilities1971
44 GML Gateway Mining Limited 0.00$34,265,441Metals & Mining1971
45 WHF Whitefield 62.17$590,346,613Not Applic1971
46 BOQ BOQ 23.52$5,748,779,380Financials1971
47 HNG Hgl Limited 2.82$39,359,714Industrials1971
48 KSC K & S Corporation Limited 8.24$206,056,693Industrials1971
49 WPL Woodside Energy 0.00$21,285,479,682Energy1971
50 JIN Oz Lotteries 40.78$1,037,898,341Consumer Discretionary1972
51 BPT Beach Energy 7.99$2,806,040,397Energy1972
52 CMW Cromwell 23.34$2,264,112,134Real Estate1973
53 KAI Kairos Minerals 0.00$50,295,341Metals & Mining1973
54 QBE QBE Insurance 0.00$15,961,274,188Financials1973
55 SSL Sietel Limited 56.74$68,063,572Real Estate1974
56 CXZ Connexion Telematics Ltd 8.10$14,082,642Information Technology1974
57 AUI AUI 41.05$1,268,300,954Not Applic1974
58 REH Reece 58.68$15,277,525,881Industrials1974
59 OSH Oil Search 0.00$8,082,839,083Energy1974
60 EMB Embelton Limited 12.18$25,031,141Industrials1974
61 SFC Schaffer 8.97$293,643,238Consumer Discretionary1974
62 MGX Mount Gibson Iron 9.27$1,057,302,447Metals & Mining1976
63 AKG Academies Australasia Group Limited 10.00$30,627,472Consumer Discretionary1977
64 SHV Select Harvest 86.89$940,154,573Consumer Staples1978
65 RSG Resolute Mining 25.00$579,543,671Metals & Mining1979
66 GUL Gullewa Limited 7.16$15,136,967Metals & Mining1980
67 ALK Alkane Resources 17.87$693,627,952Metals & Mining1980
68 ERA Energy Resources Of Australia Limited 0.00$0Energy1980
69 JRV Jervois Mining 0.00$389,353,650Metals & Mining1980
70 ALD AMPOL 0.00$6,786,843,780Energy1980
71 HZN Horizon Oil 9.66$181,578,441Energy1981
72 ELD Elders 12.79$1,788,527,241Consumer Staples1981
73 MRC Mineral Commodities Ltd 3.69$72,088,736Metals & Mining1981
74 ARA Ariadne 0.00$104,008,451Industrials1982
75 PLL Piedmont Lithium 0.00$1,071,988,244Metals & Mining1983
76 MAH Macmahon 5.70$474,096,880Metals & Mining1983
77 SEN Senetas 0.00$59,518,205Information Technology1984
78 SXY Senex 0.00$586,592,400Energy1984
79 CIO Connected IO 0.00$14,965,554Information Technology1984
80 CVN Carnarvon 0.00$399,171,879Energy1984
81 PRT Prime Media 6.03$76,929,364Communication Services1984
82 EEG Empire Energy 0.00$132,125,338Energy1984
83 WES Wesfarmers 37.09$69,651,806,066Consumer Discretionary1984
84 BOT Botanix Pharmaceuticals 0.00$74,931,940Health Care1985
85 EVZ Evz Limited 6.71$15,859,261Industrials1985
86 CYM Cyprium Metals Limited 0.00$137,142,304Metals & Mining1985
87 BKL Blackmores 75.59$1,414,471,604Consumer Staples1985
88 CVC Cvc Limited 14.64$245,330,597Financials1985
89 EQT Equity Trustees 31.78$562,265,796Financials1985
90 RND Rand Mining Limited 10.40$85,313,942Metals & Mining1985
91 ANN Ansell 18.79$5,087,467,303Health Care1985
92 FNP Freedom Foods 0.00$98,373,808Consumer Staples1985
93 SDI SDI 19.80$105,195,994Health Care1985
94 DSE Dropsuite 0.00$136,288,013Information Technology1985
95 BEN Bendigo and Adelaide Bank 18.83$5,635,621,011Financials1985
96 DYL Deep Yellow 58.13$237,227,230Energy1985
97 FAR FAR 0.00$137,211,927Energy1986
98 ARE Argonaut Resources Nl 0.00$25,243,433Metals & Mining1986
99 ECS ECS Botanics 0.00$33,656,246Health Care1986
100 GRR Grange Resources 5.07$1,035,818,135Metals & Mining1986