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Top 100 Highest Dividend Yield Companies on ASX

Note: Displayed below are 100 companies: ordered by highest dividend yield, with minimum market cap of $10m. The dividend yield is updated as the share price changes daily, but reflects the prior period's dividends.

There is often a reason for a company to have a high dividend yield, such as future profits expected to be lower than the prior period, or having an unsustainably high payout ratio and/or having low capital growth. High yield companies can be risky, so demand further research, but could turn out to be good value if you find a good one.
RankTickerCompany Name PE Yield Market Cap Sector Listed
1 YAL Yancoal 2.9217.47%$8,582,856,341Energy2012
2 TER Terracom 3.8317.34%$728,879,274Energy2010
3 SDG Sunland Group Limited 2.6515.08%$245,068,032Real Estate1995
4 GRR Grange Resources 4.9111.37%$1,215,205,633Metals & Mining1986
5 RCT Reef Casino Trust 10.3111.32%$153,885,201Consumer Discretionary1994
6 ZIM Zimplats 5.8811.18%$3,094,582,409Metals & Mining1998
7 TWD Tamawood 24.4610.08%$84,276,876Consumer Discretionary2000
8 GNG GR Engineering 9.938.88%$345,753,919Metals & Mining2011
9 RKN Reckon 6.908.33%$67,976,899Information Technology1999
10 BWF Blackwall Limited 25.607.81%$43,178,525Financials2011
11 TAH Tabcorp 0.357.22%$2,530,219,418Consumer Discretionary1994
12 NEC Nine 11.657.07%$3,376,678,641Communication Services2013
13 GWA GWA 16.027.04%$551,626,635Industrials1993
14 GOZ Growthpoint 5.506.45%$2,481,704,108Real Estate2007
15 BIS Bisalloy 6.616.34%$101,068,619Metals & Mining2003
16 DOW Downer Group 18.036.25%$2,619,137,348Industrials1990
17 RMC Resimac 5.136.23%$523,452,695Financials2001
18 NCK Nick Scali 13.165.75%$985,770,000Consumer Discretionary2004
19 SUL Super Retail Group 12.065.43%$2,908,645,320Consumer Discretionary2004
20 HLO Helloworld 3.155.43%$265,872,754Consumer Discretionary2000
21 HNG Hancock & Gore Ltd 10.935.08%$66,481,886Industrials1971
22 HLS Healius 6.055.02%$1,864,409,059Health Care1998
23 DJW Djerriwarrh 17.154.80%$776,882,215Not Applic1995
24 GCI Gryphon Capital Income Trust 26.324.62%$481,460,608Not Applic2018
25 LAU Lindsay Transport 11.414.38%$217,998,204Industrials1994
26 NWH Nrw Holdings 14.244.05%$1,410,467,684Industrials2007
27 BKI BKI Investment 17.033.92%$1,398,092,273Not Applic2003
28 RWC Reliance Worldwide 13.783.83%$2,710,025,044Industrials2016
29 GNC Graincorp 4.483.46%$1,681,852,888Consumer Staples1998
30 BOL Boom Logistics Limited 16.113.45%$62,027,260Industrials2003
31 REG Regis Aged Care 0.003.35%$528,093,758Health Care2014
32 TLS Telstra 28.403.30%$47,142,063,600Communication Services1997
33 DUI Diversified United Investment 23.583.16%$1,099,030,106Not Applic1991
34 SUN Suncorp 23.623.15%$16,066,400,838Financials1988
35 SNL Supply Network Limited 25.913.15%$507,922,812Consumer Discretionary1987
36 LSX Lion Selection Group 8.333.00%$73,392,424Not Applic2013
37 XRF Xrf Scientific Limited 19.112.91%$113,009,139Industrials2006
38 ALQ ALS Global 23.982.85%$6,328,071,630Industrials1952
39 NHF nib 26.662.79%$3,808,316,062Financials2007
40 BXB Brambles 19.572.72%$16,276,324,499Industrials2006
41 BKW Brickworks 4.262.63%$3,635,603,317Materials1962
42 BSL BlueScope Steel 3.402.57%$8,769,427,141Metals & Mining2002
43 GTN Global Traffic Network 41.152.43%$114,133,067Communication Services2016
44 GOW Gowing Bros 14.052.09%$153,002,929Financials1962
45 HSN Hansen Technologies 23.592.03%$1,004,028,124Information Technology2000
46 EBO EBOS Healthcare 36.091.87%$7,896,357,634Health Care2013
47 SNZ Summerset 5.461.76%$2,142,438,932Health Care2013
48 NST Northern Star 34.191.70%$14,604,307,342Metals & Mining2003
49 NUF Nufarm 21.181.69%$2,252,071,618Materials1988
50 LBL Laserbond Limited 25.381.67%$92,077,140Industrials2007
51 LNK Link Market Services 0.001.54%$990,065,838Information Technology2015
52 REH Reece 25.981.42%$10,141,951,642Industrials1974
53 BRG Breville 29.431.34%$3,194,019,135Consumer Discretionary1999
54 REA REA Group 42.181.33%$16,234,563,625Communication Services1999
55 ALU Altium 62.321.23%$5,023,653,298Information Technology1999
56 BKL Blackmores 55.051.09%$1,661,096,983Consumer Staples1985
57 TNE Technology One 53.871.01%$4,706,230,664Information Technology1999
58 RRL Regis Resources 118.030.93%$1,713,908,850Metals & Mining1987
59 LIC Lifestyle Communities 23.300.53%$2,065,811,789Real Estate1998
60 OCL Objective Corporation 67.830.36%$1,369,542,499Information Technology2000
61 DCG Decmil 0.00$32,665,965Industrials2005
62 GMR Golden Rim Resources Ltd 0.00$12,164,144Metals & Mining1987
63 NXS Next Science 0.00$143,909,390Health Care2019
64 AML Aeon Metals 0.00$33,315,019Metals & Mining2007
65 DYL Deep Yellow 0.00$613,992,452Energy1985
66 NXT Nextdc 477.50$4,376,684,742Information Technology2010
67 XAM Xanadu Mines Ltd 0.00$45,219,950Metals & Mining2010
68 RDY Readytech 43.48$411,558,664Information Technology2019
69 AIS Aeris Resources Limited 5.56$483,661,917Metals & Mining2011
70 NGE Nge Capital Limited 9.64$28,260,000Not Applic2007
71 AMX Aerometrex 0.00$55,336,417Industrials2019
72 BC8 Black Cat Syndicate 0.00$85,720,610Metals & Mining2018
73 DGH Desane Group Holdings Limited 8.37$38,864,491Real Estate1987
74 STM Sunstone Metals Ltd 0.00$107,438,303Metals & Mining2007
75 AFL Australian Family Lawyers 0.00$10,212,984Industrials2003
76 DEV DevEx Resources 0.00$114,941,358Energy2000
77 LRK Lark Distillery 0.00$171,112,700Consumer Staples2003
78 RCE Recce Pharmaceuticals 0.00$119,380,138Health Care2016
79 BKT Black Rock Mining 0.00$162,136,266Metals & Mining2003
80 NIC Nickel Mines 11.92$3,274,462,966Metals & Mining2018
81 RFT Rectifier Technologies Ltd 107.50$59,155,126Industrials1994
82 NTO Nitro Software 0.00$532,265,178Information Technology2019
83 RED Red 5 0.00$670,276,011Metals & Mining1996
84 XF1 Xref 70.00$53,991,124Information Technology2007
85 DGR Dgr Global Limited 0.00$58,446,835Metals & Mining2003
86 SLC Superloop 0.00$351,189,796Communication Services2015
87 DRX Diatreme Resources Limited 0.00$89,514,219Metals & Mining2005
88 BSX Blackstone Minerals 0.00$79,292,011Metals & Mining2017
89 NTU Northern Minerals 0.00$213,443,971Metals & Mining2006
90 RDM Red Metal Limited 0.00$17,928,197Metals & Mining2003
91 XTE Xtek Limited. 11.59$75,303,660Industrials2005
92 DCC DigitalX 0.00$32,057,319Information Technology1989
93 LBT LBT Innovations 0.00$25,128,213Health Care2006
94 NWE Norwest Energy Nl 0.00$483,377,155Energy1997
95 DXB Dimerix 0.00$46,526,682Health Care1993
96 GSN Great Southern Mining 0.00$16,569,195Metals & Mining2011
97 YRL Yandal Resources Limited 0.00$15,464,702Metals & Mining2018
98 AMN Agrimin 0.00$89,389,271Metals & Mining2007
99 LEX Lefroy Exploration Limited 0.00$38,965,127Metals & Mining1991
100 NOR Norwood Systems Limited 0.00$11,622,000Information Technology1995