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Top 100 Highest Dividend Yield Companies on ASX

Note: Displayed below are 100 companies: ordered by highest dividend yield, with minimum market cap of $10m. The dividend yield is updated as the share price changes daily, but reflects the prior period's dividends.

There is often a reason for a company to have a high dividend yield, such as future profits expected to be lower than the prior period, or having an unsustainably high payout ratio and/or having low capital growth. High yield companies can be risky, so demand further research, but could turn out to be good value if you find a good one.
RankTickerCompany Name PE Yield Market Cap Sector Listed
1 FMG Fortescue 3.2824.52%$44,090,777,626Metals & Mining1987
2 BSE Base Resources 23.3924.14%$341,623,437Metals & Mining2008
3 FEX Fenix Resources 2.0721.00%$118,053,480Metals & Mining2008
4 IMA Image Resources 12.4111.76%$172,149,206Metals & Mining2002
5 AGL AGL Energy 0.0010.83%$3,956,858,716Utilities2006
6 BHP BHP 13.0710.36%$114,646,769,249Metals & Mining1885
7 EZL Euroz Limited 5.549.91%$318,186,082Financials1971
8 NEW New Energy Solar 0.009.88%$289,508,905Utilities2017
9 VTG Vita Group 5.139.76%$135,795,651Consumer Discretionary2005
10 SHM Shriro Holdings Limited 5.609.35%$101,743,625Consumer Discretionary2015
11 PAI Platinum Asia Investments 5.249.17%$400,232,321Not Applic2015
12 BCN Beacon Minerals 6.149.14%$118,502,805Metals & Mining2006
13 RIO Rio Tinto 6.659.11%$37,310,941,870Metals & Mining1962
14 IGL IVE Group 7.878.86%$226,744,138Communication Services2015
15 BOL Boom Logistics Limited 56.678.82%$72,721,615Industrials2003
16 PRT Prime Media 4.348.70%$84,255,970Communication Services1984
17 KSL Kina Bank 8.588.60%$255,372,951Financials2015
18 CAA Capral Limited 3.568.27%$135,139,016Metals & Mining1986
19 CMW Cromwell 7.008.18%$2,159,413,307Real Estate1973
20 SSM Service Stream 12.878.15%$566,676,846Industrials2004
21 PTM Platinum Asset Management 10.618.03%$1,754,169,911Financials2007
22 BWF Blackwall Limited 13.237.87%$42,071,463Financials2011
23 SSG Shaver Shop 7.437.77%$135,897,181Consumer Discretionary2016
24 CCV Cash Converters 9.927.69%$163,161,704Financials1997
25 RCT Reef Casino Trust 2.697.68%$142,928,973Consumer Discretionary1994
26 CAF Centrepoint Alliance Limited 21.097.41%$39,928,110Financials2002
27 AZJ Aurizon 10.067.33%$7,233,966,649Industrials2010
28 HVN Harvey Norman 7.307.10%$6,142,812,804Consumer Discretionary1987
29 NCC NAOS Emerging Opportunities 3.367.04%$77,694,747Not Applic2013
30 NGI Navigator Global 9.126.97%$359,743,160Financials2006
31 MOT MOT Income Opportunities Trust 13.946.95%$436,789,408Not Applic2019
32 TWD Tamawood 15.506.92%$101,160,022Consumer Discretionary2000
33 SUL Super Retail Group 9.676.82%$2,870,254,815Consumer Discretionary2004
34 TOT 360 Capital 13.136.82%$123,097,975Financials2015
35 GRR Grange Resources 1.996.78%$665,469,751Metals & Mining1986
36 COF Centuria 16.276.77%$1,451,606,901Real Estate2014
37 RND Rand Mining Limited 5.806.76%$84,176,422Metals & Mining1985
38 MLD MACA 11.946.76%$252,866,026Metals & Mining2010
39 MTO MotorCycle Holdings 6.456.76%$182,651,862Consumer Discretionary2016
40 GNG GR Engineering 12.066.67%$287,982,124Metals & Mining2011
41 AKG Academies Australasia Group Limited 0.006.64%$35,093,978Consumer Discretionary1977
42 MML Medusa Mining 2.476.62%$156,944,342Metals & Mining2003
43 PTL Pental 10.036.58%$67,331,502Consumer Staples2000
44 GDI GDI Property 40.006.57%$639,109,046Real Estate2013
45 ZNO Zoono 17.106.52%$76,043,845Materials1988
46 FWD Fleetwood 18.016.50%$239,264,805Consumer Discretionary1987
47 WAM WAM Capital Fund 7.106.46%$2,107,966,066Not Applic1999
48 AOF Australian Unity 16.696.35%$389,588,746Real Estate2016
49 MIN Mineral Resources 6.446.34%$8,190,433,651Metals & Mining2006
50 PCG Pengana Capital Group Limited 20.066.22%$227,617,733Financials2001
51 VIP VIP Gloves 5.876.22%$29,077,613Health Care1997
52 MFG Magellan Financial 23.516.21%$6,294,981,034Financials2004
53 BFG Bell Financial 12.216.13%$575,735,387Financials2007
54 JBH JB Hifi 10.636.12%$5,383,434,812Consumer Discretionary2003
55 APA APA Group 2,813.336.04%$9,958,304,077Utilities2000
56 SXE Southern Cross Electrical Engineering 12.075.97%$171,979,440Industrials2007
57 ADH Adairs 10.275.94%$657,709,822Consumer Discretionary2015
58 CLW Charter Hall 4.345.88%$3,126,787,044Real Estate2016
59 ABA Auswide Bank 12.025.87%$294,348,371Financials1994
60 WAX WAM Research Fund 6.315.84%$331,911,576Not Applic2003
61 IAP Investec 8.285.79%$967,967,534Real Estate2019
62 BEN Bendigo and Adelaide Bank 9.615.78%$5,294,747,602Financials1985
63 TPC CovaU 7.605.71%$35,833,181Utilities2007
64 PDL Pendal Group 13.335.70%$2,617,516,747Financials2007
65 FSA Fsa Group Limited 6.545.69%$131,661,400Financials2001
66 CQR Charter Hall 8.095.68%$2,382,923,470Real Estate1995
67 SFR Sandfire Resources 6.255.65%$2,109,832,741Metals & Mining2004
68 VCX Vicinity Centres 0.005.65%$8,057,527,384Real Estate2011
69 NSC NAOS Small Cap Opportunities 2.695.62%$134,938,557Not Applic2004
70 LYL Lycopodium 12.525.59%$177,638,810Industrials2004
71 ENN Elanor Investors 26.335.55%$247,489,123Consumer Discretionary2014
72 WAA WAM Active 9.265.53%$79,408,373Not Applic2008
73 PRN Perenti 0.005.50%$705,426,552Metals & Mining1994
74 TGP 360 Capital 34.175.49%$179,577,992Real Estate2005
75 KOV Korvest 11.965.47%$72,976,026Industrials1970
76 HPI Hotel Property 6.965.47%$670,669,137Real Estate2013
77 AVN Aventus 4.575.43%$1,889,114,003Real Estate2015
78 PTB Pacific Turbine Brisbane 9.235.38%$118,298,843Industrials2006
79 CAM Clime Capital 4.795.34%$127,984,874Not Applic2004
80 SGP Stockland 9.985.31%$11,052,604,795Real Estate1987
81 SPK Spark NZ 23.005.31%$8,281,545,928Communication Services1991
82 SUN Suncorp 15.455.28%$16,062,742,771Financials1988
83 GPT Gpt 9.225.23%$9,711,977,570Real Estate1971
84 GAP Gale Pacific 8.595.19%$106,146,889Consumer Discretionary2000
85 COG Cog Financial Services Limited 0.005.16%$232,884,680Financials2003
86 WIC Westoz 5.605.15%$155,075,760Not Applic2009
87 CDP Westfield Carindale 7.945.15%$318,634,179Real Estate1996
88 SNC Sandon Capital 3.015.12%$136,391,353Not Applic2013
89 SLF STW S&P ASX 200 LISTED PROPERTY 4.215.09%$651,700,013Not Applic2002
90 GUD GUD 16.735.08%$1,063,347,609Consumer Discretionary1962
91 EAI Ellerston Asian Investments 5.735.07%$142,176,855Not Applic2015
92 BIS Bisalloy 9.225.06%$78,332,954Metals & Mining2003
93 AEG Absolute Equity Performance 66.035.05%$94,858,686Not Applic2015
94 PMC Platinum Asset Management 5.935.04%$407,527,948Not Applic1994
95 MYS MyState 12.915.04%$533,837,302Financials2009
96 TGA Thorn Group 7.695.00%$67,978,462Consumer Discretionary2006
97 MCP McPherson's 0.005.00%$128,648,100Consumer Staples1962
98 GNE Genesis Energy 105.675.00%$3,308,112,624Utilities2014
99 NWH Nrw Holdings 14.484.97%$826,027,021Industrials2007
100 ADI APN Property 6.814.96%$1,007,204,483Real Estate2013