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Top 100 Highest Dividend Yield Companies on ASX

Note: Displayed below are 100 companies: ordered by highest dividend yield, with minimum market cap of $10m. The dividend yield is updated as the share price changes daily, but reflects the prior period's dividends.

There is often a reason for a company to have a high dividend yield, such as future profits expected to be lower than the prior period, or having an unsustainably high payout ratio and/or having low capital growth. High yield companies can be risky, so demand further research, but could turn out to be good value if you find a good one.
RankTickerCompany Name PE Yield Market Cap Sector Listed
1 TER Terracom 1.2153.16%$304,367,169Energy2010
2 HZN Horizon Oil 3.8721.88%$250,848,274Energy1981
3 ECF Elanor Property 0.0012.29%$237,417,265Real Estate2019
4 CDM Cadence Capital 0.0010.22%$206,774,416Not Applic2006
5 RMC Resimac 5.369.04%$354,457,347Financials2001
6 CAA Capral Limited 4.438.03%$155,971,786Metals & Mining1986
7 LYL Lycopodium 8.927.71%$417,272,373Industrials2004
8 AWC Alumina 0.007.54%$2,350,361,948Metals & Mining1961
9 RYD Ryder Capital 55.877.25%$83,260,124Not Applic2015
10 ENN Elanor Investors 0.007.05%$194,635,160Consumer Discretionary2014
11 ORA Orora 12.056.63%$3,452,794,843Materials2013
12 HPI Hotel Property 154.056.53%$546,495,132Real Estate2013
13 ELD Elders 11.406.27%$1,156,361,882Consumer Staples1981
14 RFF Rural Funds 8.125.87%$773,620,476Real Estate2014
15 ALD AMPOL 41.355.80%$8,266,699,814Energy1980
16 APE AP Eagers 12.565.36%$3,519,535,617Consumer Discretionary1957
17 AMP AMP 14.405.24%$2,558,229,893Financials1998
18 TOP Thorney Opportunities 8.515.21%$92,560,454Not Applic2000
19 BWP BWP 62.705.11%$2,286,886,339Real Estate1998
20 AMC Amcor 13.745.08%$20,784,035,389Materials1969
21 CAJ Capitol Health 0.004.76%$229,149,022Health Care2006
22 HIT HiTech 16.524.69%$89,886,000Industrials2000
23 ORG Origin Energy 12.794.66%$13,695,843,984Utilities1961
24 ECP Ecp Emerging Growth Limited 5.044.64%$20,172,997Not Applic2014
25 TLS Telstra 22.994.43%$44,369,001,036Communication Services1997
26 EHL Emeco 7.264.31%$306,211,543Industrials2006
27 MAH Macmahon 6.554.17%$398,672,376Metals & Mining1983
28 HLS Healius 0.003.92%$1,068,143,735Health Care1998
29 AMH Amcil 39.513.65%$301,802,319Not Applic2000
30 HNG Hancock & Gore Ltd 11.353.57%$101,162,177Industrials1971
31 RIC Ridley 18.173.47%$739,048,548Consumer Staples1987
32 LOV Lovisa 32.583.35%$2,264,056,069Consumer Discretionary2014
33 OML oOh Media 26.393.33%$751,599,894Communication Services2014
34 HLO Helloworld 21.613.31%$385,156,610Consumer Discretionary2000
35 ALQ ALS Global 22.023.09%$6,110,196,172Industrials1952
36 EMB Embelton Limited 23.302.93%$22,118,034Industrials1974
37 ORI Orica 23.932.76%$7,096,558,474Materials1961
38 BKW Brickworks 9.502.64%$3,757,401,102Materials1962
39 EBO EBOS Healthcare 26.342.60%$6,592,586,036Health Care2013
40 IEL IDP Education 43.501.77%$6,499,150,527Consumer Discretionary2015
41 AHX Apiam Animal Health 20.771.48%$48,601,470Health Care2015
42 TRS The Reject Shop 18.791.27%$197,661,723Consumer Discretionary2004
43 ALU Altium 60.041.18%$6,025,098,691Information Technology1999
44 TNE Technology One 47.841.09%$4,940,509,046Information Technology1999
45 HUB HUB24 70.980.96%$2,763,996,203Financials2007
46 AGE Alligator Energy 0.00$208,564,686Energy2011
47 BRN BrainChip 0.00$325,046,643Information Technology2011
48 HZR Hazer Group 0.00$130,708,936Materials2015
49 LTR Liontown 0.00$3,209,129,800Metals & Mining2006
50 OCA Oceania Healthcare Limited 12.79$483,667,358Health Care2017
51 TIP Teaminvest Private Group Limited 12.79$52,937,292Financials2019
52 DUB Dubber 0.00$56,163,604Information Technology2000
53 A4N Alpha HPA 0.00$826,412,195Materials2007
54 BVS Bravura Solutions 0.00$345,232,582Information Technology2016
55 DKM Duketon Mining 0.00$21,390,209Metals & Mining2014
56 LIT Lithium Australia 0.00$35,443,558Metals & Mining2007
57 TMT Technology Metals Australia Limited 0.00$54,671,487Metals & Mining2016
58 DBF Duxton Broadacre Farms 0.00$57,882,593Consumer Staples2018
59 D2O Duxton Water 22.82$247,407,336Utilities2016
60 LPI Lithium Power 0.00$341,100,837Metals & Mining2016
61 OFX OFX 10.70$355,533,876Financials2013
62 TLX Telix 0.00$3,111,322,949Health Care2017
63 AZI Altamin Limited 0.00$19,194,121Metals & Mining2009
64 HM1 Hearts And Minds Investments 16.45$539,973,711Not Applic2018
65 LGP Little Green Pharma 0.00$39,012,121Health Care2020
66 SZL Sezzle 0.00$91,658,427Financials2019
67 ATC Altech Chemicals 0.00$115,732,812Metals & Mining2010
68 HE8 Helios 0.00$140,618,670Energy2010
69 RSG Resolute Mining 10.10$904,846,256Metals & Mining1979
70 AIQ Alternative Investment Trust 1,000.00$44,326,688Not Applic2005
71 EM2 Eagle Mountain Mining Limited 0.00$20,737,747Metals & Mining2018
72 RHT Resonance Health 0.00$27,079,790Health Care1987
73 AGH Althea 0.00$14,653,626Health Care2018
74 BRK Brookside Energy Limited 3.75$60,174,548Energy2005
75 AME Alto Metals 0.00$33,101,604Metals & Mining2012
76 OBL Omni Bridgeway 0.00$395,464,345Financials2000
77 TPW Temple & Webster 122.43$1,032,777,497Consumer Discretionary2015
78 OSL OncoSil Medical 0.00$15,796,329Health Care2005
79 BTC Btc Health Ltd 0.00$17,826,782Not Applic2000
80 TSO Tesoro Resources 0.00$29,925,749Metals & Mining2004
81 AMA AMA Group 0.00$135,480,266Industrials2006
82 BUB Bubs Australia 0.00$99,489,264Consumer Staples1993
83 EPM Eclipse Metals Limited. 0.00$16,500,434Energy2011
84 ONE Oneview Healthcare 0.00$153,963,492Health Care2016
85 3DA Amaero 0.00$96,350,533Industrials2019
86 HFR Highfield Resources 0.00$131,381,551Materials2012
87 LCL Los Cerros 0.00$16,169,492Metals & Mining2007
88 LOT Lotus Resources 0.00$474,245,997Metals & Mining2009
89 EOF Ecofibre 0.00$41,602,796Health Care2019
90 A2M A2 Milk 21.01$2,949,574,017Consumer Staples2015
91 BNR Bulletin Resources Limited 57.89$33,765,532Metals & Mining2010
92 EGR Ecograf Limited 0.00$68,104,773Metals & Mining2010
93 RVS Revasum 0.00$18,979,119Information Technology2018
94 BRU Buru Energy 0.00$76,722,214Energy2008
95 ECS ECS Botanics 0.00$26,561,536Health Care1986
96 LOM Lucapa Diamond 3.47$50,384,596Metals & Mining2006
97 OPH Ophir High Conviction Fund 5.30$511,976,785Not Applic2018
98 RWD Reward Minerals Ltd 0.00$20,051,076Materials1991
99 HMC HomeCo 29.78$1,903,196,044Real Estate2019
100 OPT Opthea 0.00$328,090,274Health Care1991