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Top 100 Low-PE Companies on ASX

Note: Displayed below are 100 companies with: PE Ratio >0 (suggesting being profitable in the prior period), ordered by lowest PE, with minimum market cap of $10m. The PE Ratios are updated as the share price changes daily, but reflects the prior period's financials.

There is often a reason for a company to have a cheap PE ratio, such as future profits expected to be lower than the prior period. Low PE companies are risky, so demand further research, but could turn out to be cheap if you find a good one.
RankTickerCompany Name PE Yield Market Cap Sector Listed
1 GDF Garda Property 2.095.12%$319,840,327Real Estate2015
2 BRL Bathurst Resources 2.13$148,303,830Metals & Mining2013
3 BSE Base Resources 2.1927.27%$253,272,548Metals & Mining2008
4 BKY Berkeley Energia 2.26$147,112,916Energy2003
5 WLD Wellard Limited 2.55$36,656,272Consumer Staples2015
6 CUE Cue Energy Resources Limited 2.83$45,377,782Energy1995
7 NGI Navigator Global 3.9110.15%$273,402,733Financials2006
8 SMR Stanmore Coal 4.31$2,199,371,343Energy2009
9 NSR National Storage 4.604.17%$2,880,057,370Real Estate2013
10 WHC Whitehaven Coal 4.775.09%$8,764,051,599Energy2007
11 NHC New Hope Group 4.818.45%$5,009,969,933Energy2003
12 WSI Weststar Industrial Limited 4.83$21,599,222Metals & Mining2006
13 WAF West African Resources 5.02$1,174,589,926Metals & Mining2010
14 BTI Bailador Technology Investments Limited 5.352.87%$185,593,584Financials2014
15 GDI GDI Property 6.0310.13%$409,507,956Real Estate2013
16 RIO Rio Tinto 6.589.22%$38,662,168,896Metals & Mining1962
17 GLB Globe International Limited 6.5810.81%$122,732,901Consumer Discretionary2001
18 BCN Beacon Minerals 6.598.15%$101,432,741Metals & Mining2006
19 CMW Cromwell 7.218.62%$1,872,489,690Real Estate1973
20 KSL Kina Bank 7.9310.84%$249,634,233Financials2015
21 KOV Korvest 7.987.59%$91,380,177Industrials1970
22 BPT Beach Energy 7.991.14%$3,901,080,552Energy1972
23 BRI Big River Industries Limited 8.03$173,501,080Materials2017
24 CLX Cti Logistics Limited 8.143.96%$129,787,976Industrials1987
25 ADH Adairs 8.418.11%$380,322,481Consumer Discretionary2015
26 ACF Acrow Formwork 9.104.70%$149,702,294Industrials2008
27 NTD National Tyre & Wheel 9.224.68%$93,942,707Consumer Discretionary2017
28 ACU Acumentis Group Limited 10.60$15,427,935Real Estate2003
29 CSR CSR 10.787.11%$2,342,352,957Materials1962
30 ABC Adbri 10.876.65%$1,177,992,737Materials1962
31 BLX Beacon Lighting 10.944.66%$445,526,205Consumer Discretionary2014
32 LSF L1 Long Short Fund 11.44$1,626,637,821Not Applic2018
33 BOQ BOQ 11.516.08%$4,932,786,676Financials1971
34 WAT Waterco 12.541.95%$144,550,609Consumer Discretionary1989
35 ADA Adacel 12.747.59%$60,373,242Information Technology1998
36 GNE Genesis Energy 12.796.28%$2,590,517,969Utilities2014
37 CCP Credit Corp 13.473.69%$1,361,337,120Financials2000
38 SRG SRG Global 15.334.35%$306,976,013Industrials2007
39 QRI Qualitas 16.55$533,217,468Not Applic2018
40 QIP QANTM 17.01$124,505,322Industrials2016
41 BAP Bapcor 18.413.15%$2,311,399,125Consumer Discretionary2014
42 CYG Coventry Group Limited 22.262.97%$108,979,935Industrials1966
43 WES Wesfarmers 23.353.71%$55,046,634,321Consumer Discretionary1984
44 KME Kip McGrath 24.212.38%$47,506,435Consumer Discretionary2003
45 CTE Cryosite Limited 27.241.32%$37,583,364Health Care2002
46 NAM Namoi Cotton Limited 28.44$94,064,209Industrials1998
47 AX1 Accent Group 29.003.86%$928,132,729Consumer Discretionary2004
48 SDF Steadfast 29.902.43%$5,549,791,650Financials2013
49 FPH Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 31.641.99%$11,091,639,494Health Care2001
50 WHF Whitefield 32.724.00%$569,899,535Not Applic1971
51 QVE QV Equities 34.665.36%$209,419,141Not Applic2014
52 DTL Data3 34.832.62%$1,055,912,427Information Technology1997
53 GVF Global Value Fund 35.965.79%$199,366,167Not Applic2014
54 NCL Netccentric Limited 37.89$20,376,840Communication Services2015
55 CVC Cvc Limited 38.244.50%$233,648,188Financials1985
56 GSS Genetic Signatures 38.55$118,309,947Health Care2015
57 QUB Qube 41.492.27%$4,908,819,817Industrials2007
58 QHL Quickstep 41.82$32,994,058Industrials2005
59 STG Straker Translations 42.19$86,153,095Communication Services2018
60 GAS State Gas Limited 42.86$63,888,903Energy2017
61 PPH Pushpay 42.93$1,355,109,177Information Technology2016
62 BGA Bega Cheese 43.883.13%$1,066,684,005Consumer Staples2011
63 CAU Cronos Australia Limited 51.20$355,094,945Health Care2019
64 PWH PWR 54.111.07%$1,120,244,594Consumer Discretionary2015
65 RMS Ramelius Resources 58.841.16%$754,536,291Metals & Mining2003
66 NWL Netwealth 61.11$3,394,881,970Financials2017
67 WEL Winchester Energy Ltd 110.00$11,112,418Energy2014
68 GDG Generation Development Group Limited 120.671.59%$236,898,159Financials2007
69 NMT Neometals 122.50$541,686,352Metals & Mining2002