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Top 100 Low-PE Companies on ASX

Note: Displayed below are 100 companies with: PE Ratio >0 (suggesting being profitable in the prior period), ordered by lowest PE, with minimum market cap of $10m. The PE Ratios are updated as the share price changes daily, but reflects the prior period's financials.

There is often a reason for a company to have a cheap PE ratio, such as future profits expected to be lower than the prior period. Low PE companies are risky, so demand further research, but could turn out to be cheap if you find a good one.
RankTickerCompany Name PE Yield Market Cap Sector Listed
1 RKN Reckon 1.204.17%$67,976,899Information Technology1999
2 WHC Whitehaven Coal 2.1511.20%$5,596,859,245Energy2007
3 YAL Yancoal 2.4120.82%$6,787,058,706Energy2012
4 CUE Cue Energy Resources Limited 3.03$46,075,902Energy1995
5 APW Aims Property Securities Fund 3.83$56,984,426Real Estate2004
6 SDG Sunland Group Limited 3.8932.63%$130,064,039Real Estate1995
7 XTE Xtek Limited. 4.58$27,984,468Industrials2005
8 GNC Graincorp 4.723.97%$1,583,819,199Consumer Staples1998
9 NHC New Hope Group 5.008.10%$5,325,613,423Energy2003
10 GRR Grange Resources 5.118.25%$561,309,269Metals & Mining1986
11 QAN Qantas 5.74$9,501,745,287Industrials1995
12 WAF West African Resources 5.89$851,673,854Metals & Mining2010
13 ADH Adairs 6.3412.90%$231,888,316Consumer Discretionary2015
14 CLX Cti Logistics Limited 6.896.51%$122,081,155Industrials1987
15 BCC Beam Communications Holdings Limited 8.13$16,852,275Information Technology1986
16 SNZ Summerset 8.181.91%$2,085,104,300Health Care2013
17 BRI Big River Industries Limited 8.45$186,253,010Materials2017
18 WSI Weststar Industrial Limited 8.49$14,953,307Metals & Mining2006
19 KOV Korvest 8.717.13%$99,702,431Industrials1970
20 FMG Fortescue 9.018.25%$64,565,894,330Metals & Mining1987
21 NCK Nick Scali 9.386.40%$948,510,000Consumer Discretionary2004
22 BPT Beach Energy 9.412.42%$3,775,607,201Energy1972
23 RND Rand Mining Limited 9.477.30%$77,920,067Metals & Mining1985
24 ACF Acrow Formwork 9.605.12%$229,464,557Industrials2008
25 GVF Global Value Fund 9.715.67%$203,738,232Not Applic2014
26 GBZ Gbm Resources Limited 10.00$10,545,471Metals & Mining2007
27 AHL Adrad Holdings Limited 10.17$69,681,649Consumer Discretionary2022
28 SUL Super Retail Group 10.296.51%$2,707,659,735Consumer Discretionary2004
29 BEN Bendigo and Adelaide Bank 10.366.70%$5,160,098,606Financials1985
30 RFT Rectifier Technologies Ltd 10.43$67,605,329Industrials1994
31 LSF L1 Long Short Fund 10.75$1,775,860,669Not Applic2018
32 ABV Advanced Braking Technology Ltd 10.77$15,558,145Consumer Discretionary2002
33 AX1 Accent Group 12.049.00%$1,095,138,466Consumer Discretionary2004
34 GNG GR Engineering 12.349.05%$346,406,029Metals & Mining2011
35 DRX Diatreme Resources Limited 12.35$78,324,942Metals & Mining2005
36 BLX Beacon Lighting 12.364.46%$417,749,098Consumer Discretionary2014
37 CSR CSR 12.486.43%$2,711,538,774Materials1962
38 ABC Adbri 13.402.35%$1,365,458,745Materials1962
39 SRG SRG Global 13.546.15%$338,864,940Industrials2007
40 GNE Genesis Energy 13.577.06%$2,460,778,235Utilities2014
41 NWH Nrw Holdings 13.686.35%$1,167,903,178Industrials2007
42 GCI Gryphon Capital Income Trust 13.824.60%$486,323,846Not Applic2018
43 NBI NB Global Corporate Income Trust 14.40$612,736,198Not Applic2018
44 RIO Rio Tinto 14.744.92%$44,003,970,245Metals & Mining1962
45 GDI GDI Property 14.968.77%$305,752,194Real Estate2013
46 SUN Suncorp 15.414.28%$17,744,258,912Financials1988
47 NIC Nickel Mines 16.04$2,760,191,953Metals & Mining2018
48 QIP QANTM 16.526.70%$130,377,781Industrials2016
49 BCN Beacon Minerals 17.864.00%$93,919,204Metals & Mining2006
50 NGE Nge Capital Limited 18.30$30,100,288Not Applic2007
51 NEC Nine 18.365.45%$3,287,967,698Communication Services2013
52 DJW Djerriwarrh 18.845.24%$750,092,440Not Applic1995
53 NHF nib 18.913.68%$3,674,106,798Financials2007
54 SM1 Synlait Milk 19.16$249,183,094Consumer Staples2016
55 ASW Advanced Share Registry Limited 19.646.06%$31,912,283Financials2008
56 LBL Laserbond Limited 20.051.84%$95,675,636Industrials2007
57 RMS Ramelius Resources 20.141.43%$1,630,047,813Metals & Mining2003
58 NCM Newcrest 20.272.02%$23,786,537,471Metals & Mining1987
59 XRF Xrf Scientific Limited 20.542.87%$157,607,241Industrials2006
60 NST Northern Star 22.442.32%$13,129,433,170Metals & Mining2003
61 QVE QV Equities 22.895.65%$208,309,169Not Applic2014
62 SNL Supply Network Limited 23.303.10%$644,109,041Consumer Discretionary1987
63 GOR Gold Road Resources 24.020.99%$1,849,492,686Metals & Mining2006
64 DUI Diversified United Investment 24.393.31%$1,048,877,260Not Applic1991
65 WES Wesfarmers 24.443.59%$60,390,196,721Consumer Discretionary1984
66 NEU Neuren Pharmaceuticals 25.03$1,441,836,258Health Care2005
67 GOW Gowing Bros 26.012.59%$123,681,810Financials1962
68 ACQ Acorn Capital Investment Fund 27.928.67%$85,604,584Not Applic2014
69 WOW Woolworths 28.212.77%$45,823,213,662Consumer Staples1993
70 DTL Data3 28.803.17%$1,089,116,611Information Technology1997
71 DGH Desane Group Holdings Limited 29.50$38,864,491Real Estate1987
72 ACU Acumentis Group Limited 29.57$14,835,873Real Estate2003
73 SDF Steadfast 30.272.69%$5,791,514,015Financials2013
74 QUB Qube 30.392.80%$5,105,797,715Industrials2007
75 AGI Ainsworth Game 32.17$325,006,141Consumer Discretionary2001
76 WHF Whitefield 32.994.04%$597,017,411Not Applic1971
77 ANO Advance NanoTek 35.136.35%$58,997,974Materials2005
78 BCI BCI Minerals 36.36$339,791,191Metals & Mining2006
79 FPH Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 49.491.88%$11,670,158,157Health Care2001
80 COH Cochlear 56.571.28%$17,148,584,642Health Care1995
81 NWL Netwealth 57.49$3,902,257,488Financials2017
82 REA REA Group 58.611.00%$20,882,447,319Communication Services1999
83 GDG Generation Development Group Limited 60.041.39%$273,437,413Financials2007
84 NWS News Corp 81.570.66%$18,335,509,610Communication Services2013
85 GLB Globe International Limited 82.452.26%$128,537,836Consumer Discretionary2001
86 DHG Domain 95.41$2,495,045,754Communication Services2017