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Top 100 Low-PE Companies on ASX

Note: Displayed below are 100 companies with: PE Ratio >0 (suggesting being profitable in the prior period), ordered by lowest PE, with minimum market cap of $10m. The PE Ratios are updated as the share price changes daily, but reflects the prior period's financials.

There is often a reason for a company to have a cheap PE ratio, such as future profits expected to be lower than the prior period. Low PE companies are risky, so demand further research, but could turn out to be cheap if you find a good one.
RankTickerCompany Name PE Yield Market Cap Sector Listed
1 WRM White Rock Minerals Limited 0.61$30,171,298Metals & Mining2010
2 KRM Kingsrose Mining Limited 1.26$24,820,250Metals & Mining2007
3 TAP Tap Oil Limited 1.26$30,188,851Energy1996
4 MIL Millennium Services Group Limited 1.33$21,586,282Industrials2015
5 EYE Nova Eye 1.37$48,824,387Health Care1987
6 DKM Duketon Mining 1.48$28,395,433Metals & Mining2014
7 LSX Lion Selection Group 2.29$68,314,278Not Applic2013
8 CD1 Cd Private Equity Fund I 2.38$34,722,207Not Applic2012
9 GRR Grange Resources 2.447.69%$300,908,061Metals & Mining1986
10 HTA Hutchison Telecommunications (australia) Limited 2.58$1,900,151,201Communication Services1999
11 CDD Cardno 2.83$144,461,607Industrials2004
12 CD3 Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund 2.98$74,189,273Not Applic2016
13 MML Medusa Mining 2.99$146,494,982Metals & Mining2003
14 GNC Graincorp 3.041.54%$1,043,581,664Consumer Staples1998
15 CD2 Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund 3.07$65,676,148Not Applic2013
16 ZIM Zimplats 3.264.85%$1,243,214,846Metals & Mining1998
17 TLT Tilt Renewables Limited. 3.39$1,401,822,048Utilities2016
18 YAL Yancoal 3.6515.03%$2,772,922,818Energy2012
19 HAW Hawthorn Resources 3.68$33,351,561Metals & Mining1986
20 YBR Yellow Brick Road Holdings Limited 4.14$25,617,927Financials2008
21 TPC CovaU 4.346.15%$14,606,297Utilities2007
22 EGD Evans & Partners 4.471.39%$288,795,980Not Applic2017
23 LCL Los Cerros 4.56$56,223,543Metals & Mining2007
24 CXZ Connexion Telematics Ltd 4.59$14,962,807Information Technology1974
25 AGD Austral Gold Limited 4.70$107,552,427Metals & Mining1997
26 EWC Energy World Corporation Ltd 4.96$125,694,217Utilities1988
27 EHL Emeco 5.05$554,936,237Industrials2006
28 KSL Kina Bank 5.1410.78%$225,667,185Financials2015
29 STM Sunstone Metals Ltd 5.19$30,939,827Metals & Mining2007
30 SMR Stanmore Coal 5.3415.13%$190,635,692Energy2009
31 SLR Silver Lake 5.42$1,484,837,200Metals & Mining2007
32 AEG Absolute Equity Performance 5.433.83%$122,487,430Not Applic2015
33 WSI Weststar Industrial Limited 5.75$22,400,541Metals & Mining2006
34 VYS Vysarn Limited 5.90$40,630,366Metals & Mining2007
35 MIN Mineral Resources 5.943.16%$5,969,110,907Metals & Mining2006
36 WAT Waterco 5.941.72%$103,810,134Consumer Discretionary1989
37 BWF Blackwall Limited 6.059.43%$27,466,529Financials2011
38 IMA Image Resources 6.36$183,545,843Metals & Mining2002
39 CCG Commschoice 6.40$17,225,303Information Technology2017
40 BSE Base Resources 6.4910.94%$376,963,792Metals & Mining2008
41 PEK Peak Resources 6.62$68,068,226Metals & Mining2006
42 MYE Mastermyne Group 6.648.22%$77,464,786Metals & Mining2010
43 360 Life360 6.81$625,219,815Information Technology2019
44 SHJ Shine Lawyers 6.855.00%$147,705,695Consumer Discretionary2013
45 HRN Horizon Gold Limited 7.08$37,314,467Metals & Mining2016
46 AQR APN Convenience 7.16$416,971,902Real Estate2017
47 SOL WHSP 7.262.08%$6,918,524,748Energy1903
48 TBR Tribune Resources 7.27$328,450,162Metals & Mining1989
49 CUP Countplus 7.312.39%$119,362,574Industrials2010
50 RTE Retech Technology Co., Limited 7.36$78,025,732Consumer Discretionary2017
51 AWV Anova Metals Limited 7.63$41,559,732Metals & Mining2011
52 MAH Macmahon 7.742.50%$517,196,596Metals & Mining1983
53 VTG Vita Group 7.777.23%$176,182,780Consumer Discretionary2005
54 PFG Prime Financial Group Limited 7.854.74%$18,555,632Financials2004
55 FSA Fsa Group Limited 8.125.66%$132,285,388Financials2001
56 GUL Gullewa Limited 8.14$16,610,276Metals & Mining1980
57 AIQ Alternative Investment Trust 8.22$33,411,310Not Applic2005
58 BPT Beach Energy 8.281.10%$4,152,027,254Energy1972
59 FMG Fortescue 8.299.46%$57,268,747,475Metals & Mining1987
60 WCN White Cliff Minerals Limited 8.42$16,539,667Metals & Mining2007
61 CIA Champion Iron 8.61$2,162,261,006Metals & Mining2007
62 SHM Shriro Holdings Limited 8.767.69%$76,070,000Consumer Discretionary2015
63 AGL AGL Energy 8.797.04%$8,678,860,709Utilities2006
64 IFL IOOF 8.837.41%$2,499,898,771Financials2003
65 SKC Skycity 8.836.48%$2,235,003,314Consumer Discretionary1999
66 BIS Bisalloy 9.063.70%$61,314,309Metals & Mining2003
67 TOT 360 Capital 9.119.43%$121,450,246Financials2015
68 APZ Aspen Group 9.205.36%$139,059,755Real Estate1991
69 VLS Vita Life Sciences Limited.. 9.204.29%$45,699,807Health Care2007
70 MFD Mayfield Childcare 9.34$28,248,583Consumer Discretionary2016
71 BCN Beacon Minerals 9.49$106,071,862Metals & Mining2006
72 RF1 Regal Investment Fund 9.52$422,666,348Not Applic2019
73 RRL Regis Resources 9.554.27%$1,918,097,321Metals & Mining1987
74 CAZ Cazaly Resources 9.6010.42%$17,205,277Metals & Mining2003
75 CI1 Credit Intelligence 9.602.08%$28,954,074Industrials2008
76 EDC Eildon Capital Group 9.71$41,753,804Financials2017
77 GDI GDI Property 9.776.40%$655,856,333Real Estate2013
78 CTE Cryosite Limited 9.81$14,526,465Health Care2002
79 CAA Capral Limited 9.872.75%$90,266,546Metals & Mining1986
80 SFC Schaffer 9.904.70%$231,681,728Consumer Discretionary1974
81 AZV Azure Healthcare Limited 9.90$26,997,950Health Care2004
82 TIP Teaminvest Private Group Limited 9.91$86,811,502Financials2019
83 PRT Prime Media 10.00$69,602,758Communication Services1984
84 PGH Pact Group 10.081.15%$894,383,347Materials2013
85 SIO Simonds Group Limited 10.08$55,379,037Consumer Discretionary2014
86 BKW Brickworks 10.142.92%$3,034,746,716Materials1962
87 JMS Jupiter Mines 10.18$568,107,400Metals & Mining2018
88 RMS Ramelius Resources 10.351.18%$1,375,329,352Metals & Mining2003
89 SFR Sandfire Resources 10.404.26%$795,000,945Metals & Mining2004
90 MAD Mader Group 10.46$183,000,000Industrials2019
91 MGX Mount Gibson Iron 10.543.87%$913,156,227Metals & Mining1976
92 GOZ Growthpoint 10.575.84%$2,880,102,484Real Estate2007
93 WQG Contango 10.60$263,217,341Not Applic2017
94 CNW Cirrus Networks 10.63$29,279,250Information Technology2004
95 ECP Ecp Emerging Growth Limited 10.661.62%$26,561,162Not Applic2014
96 TGR Tassal 10.674.96%$767,142,910Consumer Staples2003
97 CQE Charter Hall 10.765.22%$1,083,766,518Real Estate2003
98 OMH OM Holdings 10.866.06%$243,745,701Metals & Mining1998
99 ADI APN Property 10.925.83%$582,700,281Real Estate2013
100 ORA Orora 10.964.99%$2,582,253,945Materials2013