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Top 100 Low-PE Companies on ASX

Note: Displayed below are 100 companies with: PE Ratio >0 (suggesting being profitable in the prior period), ordered by lowest PE, with minimum market cap of $10m. The PE Ratios are updated as the share price changes daily, but reflects the prior period's financials.

There is often a reason for a company to have a cheap PE ratio, such as future profits expected to be lower than the prior period. Low PE companies are risky, so demand further research, but could turn out to be cheap if you find a good one.
RankTickerCompany Name PE Yield Market Cap Sector Listed
1 URW Westfield 0.16$14,774,164,746Real Estate2018
2 WRM White Rock Minerals Limited 0.40$42,027,403Metals & Mining2010
3 GDG Generation Development Group Limited 0.761.70%$207,149,237Financials2007
4 MIL Millennium Services Group Limited 1.57$27,392,673Industrials2015
5 ILU Iluka Resources 1.611.48%$4,380,737,272Metals & Mining1962
6 DNA Donaco International Limited 1.64$42,003,239Consumer Discretionary2004
7 GRR Grange Resources 1.707.92%$619,176,203Metals & Mining1986
8 PGM Platina Resources 1.80$31,709,911Metals & Mining2006
9 FOR Forager Australian Shares Fund 1.97$191,717,887Not Applic2016
10 SWM Seven West Media 2.20$702,596,366Communication Services1992
11 BRL Bathurst Resources 2.33$153,856,461Metals & Mining2013
12 ATS Australis Oil 2.42$55,727,328Energy2016
13 RF1 Regal Investment Fund 2.63$522,736,281Not Applic2019
14 MML Medusa Mining 2.636.21%$171,495,473Metals & Mining2003
15 RCT Reef Casino Trust 2.727.60%$144,921,015Consumer Discretionary1994
16 NAC NAOS Asset Management 2.754.89%$53,048,383Not Applic2014
17 NSC NAOS Small Cap Opportunities 2.765.46%$139,213,916Not Applic2004
18 TEK Thorney Technologies 2.81$197,644,113Not Applic2005
19 TGF Tribeca Global Natural Resources 2.81$153,750,000Not Applic2018
20 NGE Nge Capital Limited 2.85$26,427,710Not Applic2007
21 ZIM Zimplats 2.955.33%$2,291,605,547Metals & Mining1998
22 HNG Hgl Limited 2.95$44,726,947Industrials1971
23 SNC Sandon Capital 2.995.15%$113,661,111Not Applic2013
24 LSF L1 Long Short Fund 3.14$1,577,209,629Not Applic2018
25 EWC Energy World Corporation Ltd 3.35$200,826,371Utilities1988
26 AMD Arrow Minerals Ltd 3.42$11,869,856Metals & Mining2005
27 CIP Centuria Group 3.424.24%$2,171,235,274Real Estate2012
28 FMG Fortescue 3.4323.44%$53,112,144,836Metals & Mining1987
29 AIQ Alternative Investment Trust 3.53$28,127,473Not Applic2005
30 FPP Fat Prophets Global Property Fund 3.53$20,956,067Not Applic2017
31 PGF PM Capital 3.575.07%$577,359,843Not Applic2013
32 NCC NAOS Emerging Opportunities 3.666.47%$84,625,264Not Applic2013
33 CAA Capral Limited 3.668.04%$139,368,894Metals & Mining1986
34 OZG Ozgrowth 3.662.50%$91,119,692Not Applic2008
35 MLX Metals X 3.70$299,397,802Metals & Mining2004
36 ACQ Acorn Capital Investment Fund 3.864.89%$110,268,392Not Applic2014
37 SEC Spheria Emerging Companies 3.89$154,587,127Not Applic2017
38 SFX Sheffield Resources 4.21$119,572,706Metals & Mining2010
39 ECP Ecp Emerging Growth Limited 4.232.90%$30,041,591Not Applic2014
40 APW Aims Property Securities Fund 4.240.63%$54,192,746Real Estate2004
41 PIC Perpetual Equity 4.294.21%$494,896,245Not Applic2014
42 SLF STW S&P ASX 200 LISTED PROPERTY 4.354.73%$672,770,014Not Applic2002
43 GC1 Glennon Capital 4.473.68%$42,738,849Not Applic2015
44 LGP Little Green Pharma 4.50$173,417,186Health Care2020
45 AVN Aventus 4.555.29%$1,882,624,907Real Estate2015
46 CLW Charter Hall 4.655.49%$3,354,689,909Real Estate2016
47 PRT Prime Media 4.728.00%$91,582,576Communication Services1984
48 MEA Mcgrath Limited 4.732.78%$91,767,464Real Estate2015
49 STW STW S&P ASX 200 4.742.67%$4,871,608,327Not Applic2001
50 CDM Cadence Capital 4.784.18%$354,768,419Not Applic2006
51 KRM Kingsrose Mining Limited 4.79$32,850,331Metals & Mining2007
52 EVZ Evz Limited 4.80$16,339,845Industrials1985
53 TOP Thorney Opportunities 4.823.94%$108,953,624Not Applic2000
54 SFY SFY S&P ASX 50 4.862.61%$786,115,891Not Applic2001
55 AMO Amber Technology 4.939.39%$26,931,332Information Technology2004
56 HRN Horizon Gold Limited 4.93$36,275,285Metals & Mining2016
57 OPH Ophir High Conviction Fund 5.00$854,893,612Not Applic2018
58 ICG Inca Minerals Limited 5.00$66,107,312Metals & Mining2008
59 CAM Clime Capital 5.005.12%$129,933,401Not Applic2004
60 FPC Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund 5.03$53,045,083Not Applic2017
61 CIA Champion Iron 5.05$2,709,731,537Metals & Mining2007
62 KAT Katana Capital Limited 5.161.89%$37,114,132Not Applic2005
63 LEP Ale Property 5.204.57%$959,952,035Real Estate2003
64 EZL Euroz Limited 5.3810.19%$303,409,639Financials1971
65 WLE WAM Leaders Fund 5.434.64%$1,555,378,306Not Applic2016
66 WIC Westoz 5.485.26%$153,738,900Not Applic2009
67 PEX Peel Mining 5.48$106,614,928Metals & Mining2007
68 WMI Wilson Asset Management 5.50$443,510,399Not Applic2017
69 PAI Platinum Asia Investments 5.528.70%$424,037,833Not Applic2015
70 AWV Anova Metals Limited 5.56$31,528,072Metals & Mining2011
71 BCN Beacon Minerals 5.616.25%$114,672,837Metals & Mining2006
72 SHM Shriro Holdings Limited 5.639.30%$106,022,563Consumer Discretionary2015
73 VG1 VGI Partners Global Investments 5.631.40%$831,431,866Not Applic2017
74 VTG Vita Group 5.638.89%$149,872,030Consumer Discretionary2005
75 PAF PM Capital 5.693.77%$61,236,466Not Applic2014
76 MEC Morphic Asset Management 5.74$71,087,579Financials2017
77 AIS Aeris Resources Limited 5.78$401,375,649Metals & Mining2011
78 AQR APN Convenience 5.796.06%$490,134,179Real Estate2017
79 VMX Valmec Limited 5.79$51,735,917Energy2005
80 MAH Macmahon 5.841.63%$474,096,880Metals & Mining1983
81 WAF West African Resources 5.87$892,236,134Metals & Mining2010
82 EAI Ellerston Asian Investments 5.914.91%$145,452,819Not Applic2015
83 WQG Contango 5.95$292,485,947Not Applic2017
84 GOZ Growthpoint 5.974.67%$3,357,644,923Real Estate2007
85 WGB Wilson Asset Management 5.98$640,516,985Not Applic2018
86 PIA Pengana Capital 6.023.59%$363,485,936Not Applic2004
87 MRC Mineral Commodities Ltd 6.09$77,428,642Metals & Mining1981
88 GVF Global Value Fund 6.122.67%$218,841,763Not Applic2014
89 KKC KKR Credit Income 6.15$851,000,000Not Applic2019
90 PMC Platinum Asset Management 6.254.78%$428,024,385Not Applic1994
91 CD3 Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund 6.38$140,455,419Not Applic2016
92 TBR Tribune Resources 6.38$252,371,450Metals & Mining1989
93 JMS Jupiter Mines 6.42$430,978,027Metals & Mining2018
94 WAX WAM Research Fund 6.485.69%$340,723,388Not Applic2003
95 NTD National Tyre & Wheel 6.482.84%$141,725,630Consumer Discretionary2017
96 RTE Retech Technology Co. Limited 6.48$62,886,411Consumer Discretionary2017
97 SFR Sandfire Resources 6.495.44%$1,146,156,071Metals & Mining2004
98 VIP VIP Gloves 6.515.61%$32,221,139Health Care1997
99 HPI Hotel Property 6.545.81%$638,370,624Real Estate2013
100 C6C Copper Mountain Mining Corporation 6.56$755,859,584Metals & Mining2018