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Top 100 Low-PE Companies on ASX

Note: Displayed below are 100 companies with: PE Ratio >0 (suggesting being profitable in the prior period), ordered by lowest PE, with minimum market cap of $10m. The PE Ratios are updated as the share price changes daily, but reflects the prior period's financials.

There is often a reason for a company to have a cheap PE ratio, such as future profits expected to be lower than the prior period. Low PE companies are risky, so demand further research, but could turn out to be cheap if you find a good one.
RankTickerCompany Name PE Yield Market Cap Sector Listed
1 CDD Cardno 0.1334.16%$64,840,701Industrials2004
2 PEN Peninsula Energy 0.61$154,580,910Energy1994
3 AVA Ava Risk Group 1.38$46,163,005Information Technology2015
4 OEL Otto Energy 1.71$62,335,127Energy2004
5 SWM Seven West Media 1.82$580,393,157Communication Services1992
6 FEX Fenix Resources 1.9217.80%$149,702,037Metals & Mining2008
7 CIP Centuria Group 2.035.71%$1,885,743,986Real Estate2012
8 TEK Thorney Technologies 2.33$89,258,632Not Applic2005
9 FOR Forager Australian Shares Fund 2.51$133,273,972Not Applic2016
10 TGA Thorn Group 2.584.08%$83,135,442Consumer Discretionary2006
11 CTP Central Petroleum 2.84$83,479,357Energy2006
12 CAA Capral Limited 2.889.64%$128,990,395Metals & Mining1986
13 BRL Bathurst Resources 3.01$202,841,367Metals & Mining2013
14 PE1 Pengana Private Equity Trust 3.05$372,497,040Not Applic2019
15 MEA Mcgrath Limited 3.135.97%$55,507,261Real Estate2015
16 SHM Shriro Holdings Limited 3.2216.44%$72,672,826Consumer Discretionary2015
17 EWC Energy World Corporation Ltd 3.25$172,136,890Utilities1988
18 VUK Virgin Money 3.272.77%$3,275,360,093Financials2016
19 HPI Hotel Property 3.316.37%$623,079,431Real Estate2013
20 SNC Sandon Capital 3.387.80%$95,035,239Not Applic2013
21 MAM Microequities Asset Management Group Limited 3.63$84,846,432Financials2018
22 GDF Garda Property 3.654.57%$358,539,869Real Estate2015
23 FPP Fat Prophets Global Property Fund 3.71$20,956,067Not Applic2017
24 SLF STW S&P ASX 200 LISTED PROPERTY 3.767.27%$535,857,011Not Applic2002
25 C6C Copper Mountain Mining Corporation 3.81$458,914,748Metals & Mining2018
26 BTI Bailador Technology Investments Limited 3.87$193,150,747Financials2014
27 SCP SCA Property 3.965.28%$3,159,090,116Real Estate2012
28 SVW SGH 4.042.84%$5,746,782,502Industrials2010
29 APZ Aspen Group 4.164.43%$226,363,129Real Estate1991
30 MFF MFF Capital Investments 4.163.17%$1,268,059,223Not Applic2006
31 TOT 360 Capital 4.307.50%$111,140,116Financials2015
32 PIA Pengana Capital 4.416.21%$226,588,029Not Applic2004
33 IAP Investec 4.584.61%$1,280,606,835Real Estate2019
34 TEG Triangle Energy (global) Limited 4.60$14,692,629Energy2006
35 IFT Infratil Limited. 4.712.41%$5,076,220,625Utilities2010
36 ENR Encounter Resources Limited 4.96$38,066,019Metals & Mining2006
37 EM1 Emerge Gaming Limited 5.00$13,454,819Communication Services1971
38 WQG Contango 5.00$212,024,421Not Applic2017
39 MTO MotorCycle Holdings 5.2111.00%$120,019,551Consumer Discretionary2016
40 VTG Vita Group 5.2640.00%$36,053,726Consumer Discretionary2005
41 CDM Cadence Capital 5.278.09%$257,581,258Not Applic2006
42 PGF PM Capital 5.346.73%$579,229,629Not Applic2013
43 MOZ Mosaic Brands 5.37$22,050,401Consumer Discretionary2000
44 SFR Sandfire Resources 5.546.40%$1,844,918,519Metals & Mining2004
45 WGB Wilson Asset Management 5.56$586,267,799Not Applic2018
46 FGX Future Generation Investment Company 5.655.33%$454,350,950Not Applic1997
47 SFX Sheffield Resources 5.67$157,697,338Metals & Mining2010
48 FFI Ffi Holdings Limited 5.715.71%$47,345,615Consumer Staples1987
49 SGP Stockland 5.726.91%$8,999,637,166Real Estate1987
50 HVN Harvey Norman 5.819.26%$4,622,684,686Consumer Discretionary1987
51 SHJ Shine Lawyers 5.855.96%$166,331,340Consumer Discretionary2013
52 STW STW S&P ASX 200 5.887.08%$4,297,466,645Not Applic2001
53 WMI Wilson Asset Management 5.92$309,527,973Not Applic2017
54 TGP 360 Capital 6.137.36%$173,008,065Real Estate2005
55 SFY SFY S&P ASX 50 6.166.67%$713,071,503Not Applic2001
56 WLE WAM Leaders Fund 6.265.24%$1,468,343,735Not Applic2016
57 MIL Millennium Services Group Limited 6.29$13,464,195Industrials2015
58 CNI Centuria Capital 6.315.64%$1,494,403,721Real Estate2002
59 ADV Ardiden 6.36$18,678,347Metals & Mining2005
60 CAZ Cazaly Resources 6.55$13,720,406Metals & Mining2003
61 PCG Pengana Capital Group Limited 6.5612.12%$181,834,694Financials2001
62 TBR Tribune Resources 6.69$198,329,331Metals & Mining1989
63 ASG Autosports 6.69$305,520,000Consumer Discretionary2016
64 ALI Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Fund 6.723.52%$385,331,365Not Applic2015
65 DXS Dexus 6.725.70%$9,787,643,739Real Estate2004
66 PL8 Plato Investment Management 6.76$668,216,646Not Applic2017
67 ECF Elanor Property 6.79$316,556,353Real Estate2019
68 JMS Jupiter Mines 6.88$352,618,386Metals & Mining2018
69 SIO Simonds Group Limited 7.04$30,919,196Consumer Discretionary2014
70 JHG Janus Henderson 7.165.97%$6,509,775,623Financials2008
71 FSA Fsa Group Limited 7.166.02%$133,545,061Financials2001
72 CAM Clime Capital 7.266.16%$116,409,909Not Applic2004
73 SSG Shaver Shop 7.279.90%$126,427,057Consumer Discretionary2016
74 AFG Australian Finance 7.369.32%$396,965,094Financials2015
75 APE AP Eagers 7.406.74%$2,381,769,893Consumer Discretionary1957
76 IRI Integrated Research 7.45$73,307,847Information Technology2000
77 CDP Westfield Carindale 7.485.46%$332,737,463Real Estate1996
78 MFG Magellan Financial 7.5617.41%$2,385,837,516Financials2004
79 MTC Metalstech 7.59$51,666,023Metals & Mining2017
80 MAH Macmahon 7.605.00%$280,148,156Metals & Mining1983
81 PTM Platinum Asset Management 7.7012.46%$991,487,341Financials2007
82 EHL Emeco 7.733.62%$363,399,564Industrials2006
83 WAX WAM Research Fund 7.747.65%$248,538,627Not Applic2003
84 MGR Mirvac 7.864.79%$8,241,014,883Real Estate1999
85 MOT MOT Income Opportunities Trust 8.017.99%$479,634,396Not Applic2019
86 SXL Southern Cross Media Group 8.019.64%$236,067,253Communication Services2005
87 TTM Titan Minerals 8.02$97,305,217Metals & Mining2006
88 EDC Eildon Capital Group 8.17$46,966,813Financials2017
89 MHJ Michael Hill 8.316.99%$364,988,252Consumer Discretionary2016
90 MLD MACA 8.387.46%$228,946,267Metals & Mining2010
91 COF Centuria 8.429.17%$1,048,326,314Real Estate2014
92 AVJ Avjennings Limited 8.566.44%$182,803,828Real Estate1994
93 ASH Ashley Services 8.627.27%$95,743,976Industrials2014
94 MNY Money3 8.856.84%$389,048,651Financials2006
95 ASB Austal 9.024.32%$667,628,294Industrials1998
96 FGG Future Generation Global Investment Company 9.035.48%$429,807,116Not Applic2015
97 SXE Southern Cross Electrical Engineering 9.048.70%$149,504,003Industrials2007
98 PDL Pendal Group 9.0610.16%$1,632,216,827Financials2007
99 ARA Ariadne 9.071.24%$118,726,628Industrials1982
100 ANZ ANZ Bank 9.166.57%$61,665,879,120Financials1969