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Top 100 Companies on the ASX with Popular Apps

Note: Displayed below are 100 companies with popular apps. It maybe useful for researching which companies may have apps with improving usage lately.
RankTickerCompany Name Market Cap Sector Listed Android App Reviews App Average Rating
1 ONE Oneview Healthcare $124,451,881Health Care201600.00
2 ALD AMPOL $7,978,354,275Energy198000.00
3 OLL OpenLearning $8,146,607Information Technology201900.00
4 OPY Openpay $35,466,914Financials201900.00
5 AMP AMP $3,625,377,497Financials199800.00
6 SGR Star Entertainment $2,970,284,335Consumer Discretionary201100.00
7 ELD Elders $2,334,630,484Consumer Staples198100.00
8 ORG Origin Energy $11,923,398,951Energy196100.00
9 HUB HUB24 $1,994,249,214Financials200700.00
10 MFG Magellan Financial $2,824,736,436Financials200400.00
11 SWF Selfwealth $43,768,377Financials201700.00
12 TNY Tinybeans $19,229,017Communication Services201700.00
13 MYD MyDeal $260,121,443Consumer Discretionary202000.00
14 EML EML Payments $548,986,665Information Technology200600.00
15 IEL IDP Education $6,624,401,822Consumer Discretionary201500.00
16 MMM Marley Spoon $110,944,040Consumer Discretionary201800.00
17 ATL Apollo Motorhomes $103,313,754Consumer Discretionary201600.00
18 CDP Westfield Carindale $330,557,960Real Estate199600.00
19 PCK PainChek $40,744,973Health Care201200.00
20 TWE Treasury Wine Estates $8,322,909,469Consumer Staples201100.00
21 ARB ARB $2,532,618,112Consumer Discretionary198700.00
22 CAT Catapult Sports $275,990,469Information Technology201400.00
23 IMD IMDEX $951,485,760Metals & Mining198700.00
24 TTB Total Brain $12,005,202Health Care200100.00
25 ALL Aristocrat $23,035,041,314Consumer Discretionary199600.00
26 SCL Schrole $12,175,893Information Technology201300.00
27 CAR $5,450,432,188Communication Services200900.00
28 MDR MedAdvisor $76,157,988Health Care201100.00
29 MPL Medibank $8,895,430,465Financials201400.00
30 SEK Seek $8,617,956,627Communication Services200500.00
31 AO1 AssetOwl $3,144,260Information Technology201100.00
32 TYR Tyro Payments $519,799,664Information Technology201900.00
33 ASX ASX $15,971,600,865Financials199800.00
34 MEZ Meridian Energy $10,542,239,971Utilities201300.00
35 URW Westfield $13,962,239,695Real Estate201800.00
36 AIA Auckland Airport $9,821,916,084Industrials199900.00
37 IAP Investec $1,300,933,928Real Estate201900.00
38 UBN Urbanise $36,451,581Information Technology201400.00
39 FZO Family Zone $287,672,138Information Technology201600.00
40 SKO Serko $444,330,483Information Technology201800.00
41 SWM Seven West Media $993,823,899Communication Services199200.00
42 SGF SG Fleet $789,985,165Industrials201400.00
43 PNC Pioneer Credit $52,613,724Financials201400.00
44 IFL IOOF $2,098,892,465Financials200300.00
45 CWY Cleanaway $6,229,014,534Industrials200500.00
46 IRE Iress $1,958,954,318Information Technology200000.00
47 IGL IVE Group $256,881,017Communication Services201500.00
48 JHX James Hardie $16,197,340,693Materials200100.00
49 COL Coles $23,583,437,018Consumer Staples201800.00
50 FBU Fletcher Building $3,962,551,087Materials200100.00
51 AFG Australian Finance $503,271,000Financials201500.00
52 VRT Virtus Health $697,126,517Health Care201300.00
53 FLT Flight Centre $4,017,293,797Consumer Discretionary199500.00
54 MND Monadelphous $1,011,689,927Industrials199100.00
55 HUM Humm $349,164,164Financials200600.00
56 MVF Monash IVF $418,857,453Health Care201400.00
57 MME MoneyMe $285,416,671Financials201900.00
58 VVA Viva Leisure $147,698,496Consumer Discretionary201900.00
59 CEN Contact Energy $5,495,693,653Utilities201500.00
60 AOF Australian Unity $361,643,561Real Estate201600.00
61 SPZ Smart Parking $56,433,723Information Technology200700.00
62 RCL Readcloud $26,348,283Information Technology201800.00
63 PGL Prospa $133,372,628Financials201900.00
64 VN8 Vonex $25,681,127Communication Services201800.00
65 ABA Auswide Bank $297,008,303Financials199400.00
66 XRO Xero $13,224,468,004Information Technology201200.00
67 CBA Commonwealth Bank $179,324,693,559Financials199100.00
68 RMD Resmed $40,608,620,228Health Care199900.00
69 ANZ ANZ Bank $70,886,422,894Financials196900.00
70 WBC Westpac $82,416,545,917Financials197000.00
71 RHC Ramsay Health Care $17,825,307,185Health Care199700.00
72 JIN Oz Lotteries $961,456,942Consumer Discretionary197200.00
73 NAB National Australia Bank $99,792,408,626Financials196200.00
74 FLN Freelancer $149,330,490Industrials201300.00
75 MQG Macquarie Bank $68,600,033,972Financials200700.00
76 S32 South32 $21,735,293,514Metals & Mining201500.00
77 HPG HiPages $157,650,653Communication Services202000.00
78 CTD Corporate Travel Management $3,150,636,823Consumer Discretionary201000.00
79 SPK Spark NZ $8,103,973,767Communication Services199100.00
80 MYS MyState $508,343,717Financials200900.00
81 WAT Waterco $127,811,617Consumer Discretionary198900.00
82 8CO 8Common $21,048,177Information Technology201400.00
83 CM8 Crowd Media $24,784,044Communication Services199900.00
84 BOQ BOQ $4,864,675,671Financials197100.00
85 NSR National Storage $2,821,376,009Real Estate201300.00
86 NVU Nanoveu $3,560,896Information Technology201800.00
87 KSL Kina Bank $252,503,592Financials201500.00
88 ST1 Spirit Telecom $34,565,626Communication Services199900.00
89 PPH Pushpay $1,477,205,623Information Technology201600.00
90 WEB Webjet $2,248,813,030Consumer Discretionary199700.00
91 PWH PWR $840,480,865Consumer Discretionary201500.00
92 CSR CSR $2,412,352,397Materials196200.00
93 WSP Whispir $120,087,997Information Technology201900.00
94 BLX Beacon Lighting $455,575,668Consumer Discretionary201400.00
95 WES Wesfarmers $52,522,237,167Consumer Discretionary198400.00
96 GNE Genesis Energy $2,593,392,772Utilities201400.00
97 QAN Qantas $10,146,920,475Industrials199500.00
98 QUB Qube $5,645,391,502Industrials200700.00
99 KGN Kogan $382,800,819Consumer Discretionary201600.00
100 NWL Netwealth $3,064,726,909Financials201700.00