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Top 100 Companies on the ASX with Popular Apps

Note: Displayed below are 100 companies with popular apps. It maybe useful for researching which companies may have apps with improving usage lately.
RankTickerCompany Name Market Cap Sector Listed Android App Reviews App Average Rating
1 360 Life360 $625,219,815Information Technology201912667004.40
2 ALL Aristocrat $21,946,762,436Consumer Discretionary19963684524.30
3 APT Afterpay $27,118,926,996Information Technology20171072334.80
4 CBA Commonwealth Bank $146,132,321,292Financials1991560364.30
5 FLN Freelancer $257,933,332Industrials2013491193.30
6 ANZ ANZ Bank $67,203,159,524Financials1969381464.60
7 Z1P Zip Pay $3,040,611,497Financials2009314194.80
8 TLS Telstra $36,869,223,351Communication Services1997291473.20
9 NAB National Australia Bank $79,131,177,074Financials1974221083.90
10 WBC Westpac $75,448,096,934Financials1970215504.10
11 CAR $4,976,950,518Communication Services2009212953.70
12 SEK Seek $9,242,330,374Communication Services2005211954.30
13 DMP Domino's $6,406,189,945Consumer Discretionary2005117253.00
14 NZM NZME $139,554,759Communication Services201698113.70
15 QAN Qantas $10,675,012,991Industrials199592774.20
16 RBL Redbubble $1,270,539,930Consumer Discretionary201682214.50
17 WOW Woolworths $47,957,194,369Consumer Staples199381903.80
18 MPL Medibank $7,931,529,331Financials201469424.60
19 RZI Raiz $66,710,765Financials201865784.40
20 SPK Spark NZ $8,185,271,707Communication Services199161653.40
21 KGN Kogan $1,642,710,510Consumer Discretionary201660074.70
22 CCL Coca-Cola $9,129,636,204Consumer Staples197058293.10
23 TWE Treasury Wine Estates $7,401,978,750Consumer Staples201156162.90
24 COL Coles $23,944,038,043Consumer Staples201853013.00
25 AIZ Air New Zealand $1,993,048,505Industrials199749204.10
26 MDR MedAdvisor $139,538,657Health Care201147924.60
27 AGL AGL Energy $8,678,860,709Utilities200644824.60
28 SZL Sezzle $1,183,558,336Information Technology201942424.80
29 BEN Bendigo and Adelaide Bank $-1Financials198539024.30
30 OPY Openpay $288,389,063Financials201937643.80
31 RMD Resmed $40,590,734,355Health Care199934204.00
32 AYS Amaysim $221,332,816Utilities201533693.80
33 XRO Xero $18,563,064,156Information Technology201232634.60
34 TNY Tinybeans $74,004,294Communication Services201731133.80
35 SKT Sky New Zealand $270,673,331Communication Services200529552.10
36 SUN Suncorp $13,074,940,519Financials198826413.70
37 OFX OFX $298,479,188Financials201325084.40
38 ZEL Z Energy $1,655,116,393Energy201322544.10
39 CM8 Crowd Media $24,148,260Communication Services199919081.90
40 ORG Origin Energy $8,894,115,909Energy196116424.40
41 MYR Myer $299,766,767Consumer Discretionary200915273.40
42 GNE Genesis Energy $3,255,934,191Utilities201413254.40
43 CEN Contact Energy $5,288,645,061Utilities201512204.20
44 IAP Investec $0Real Estate20199924.20
45 BOQ BOQ $3,599,366,071Financials19719642.50
46 LME Limeade $434,241,840Information Technology20196833.80
47 NHF nib $2,331,546,937Financials20076442.40
48 PPH Pushpay $0Information Technology20166404.50
49 ALD AMPOL $7,775,874,330Energy19806203.90
50 MYS MyState $462,914,496Financials20096173.30
51 MQG Macquarie Bank $50,986,471,552Financials20075654.10
52 COH Cochlear $14,708,407,768Health Care19955613.10
53 AMP AMP $5,928,133,691Financials19985582.70
54 NUH Nuheara $70,012,733Information Technology20104803.60
55 RKN Reckon $91,768,814Information Technology19994653.30
56 CDP Westfield Carindale $284,200,000Real Estate19964622.30
57 FLT Flight Centre $3,598,289,039Consumer Discretionary19954583.90
58 OLL OpenLearning $46,373,053Information Technology20193522.50
59 MMM Marley Spoon $558,134,500Consumer Discretionary20183203.20
60 IGL IVE Group $201,561,908Communication Services20153173.10
61 GSW Getswift $59,222,465Information Technology20163033.10
62 FZO Family Zone $166,661,300Information Technology20162951.90
63 AIA Auckland Airport $10,911,603,925Industrials19992713.00
64 WZR Wisr $240,964,677Financials19892503.90
65 TTB Total Brain $40,072,400Health Care20012143.50
66 MME MoneyMe $227,049,601Financials20192024.00
67 SWF Selfwealth $121,161,172Financials20171913.90
68 AOF Australian Unity $357,985,906Real Estate20161491.90
69 ABA Auswide Bank $260,144,880Financials19941443.40
70 TYR Tyro Payments $1,868,919,990Information Technology20191434.80
71 BBN Baby Bunting $545,456,417Consumer Discretionary20151331.30
72 IEL IDP Education $6,922,221,568Consumer Discretionary20151283.00
73 SGR Star Entertainment $3,665,254,709Consumer Discretionary20111223.80
74 SCL Schrole $23,570,940Information Technology20131131.80
75 NSR National Storage $1,933,614,606Real Estate20131122.90
76 URW Westfield $14,345,739,086Real Estate20181092.30
77 IRE Iress $2,022,194,803Information Technology20001003.60
78 SPZ Smart Parking $62,862,688Information Technology2007971.20
79 UBN Urbanise $66,593,001Information Technology2014894.10
80 MEZ Meridian Energy $15,119,282,959Utilities2013822.70
81 JIN Oz Lotteries $863,666,309Consumer Discretionary1972693.00
82 SKO Serko $559,519,698Information Technology2018612.50
83 BKL Blackmores $1,532,919,459Consumer Staples1985604.30
84 KSL Kina Bank $225,667,185Financials2015584.60
85 1ST 1st Group $17,409,293Health Care2015533.30
86 VRL Village Roadshow $566,371,679Communication Services1987503.70
87 VVA Viva Leisure $231,696,913Consumer Discretionary2019502.60
88 ASX ASX $14,966,841,974Financials1998431.50
89 NWL Netwealth $3,767,465,702Financials2017422.50
90 TAH Tabcorp $8,846,386,182Consumer Discretionary1994373.10
91 A2B A2B $171,613,723Industrials1999363.30
92 LNK Link Market Services $2,625,870,901Information Technology2015352.20
93 PNC Pioneer Credit $49,990,273Financials2014342.70
94 CWN Crown Resorts $6,866,384,868Consumer Discretionary2007314.10
95 ATL Apollo Motorhomes $61,429,800Consumer Discretionary2016292.80
96 SGF SG Fleet $581,994,978Industrials2014291.70
97 BLX Beacon Lighting $297,017,470Consumer Discretionary2014252.60
98 DUB Dubber $396,204,970Information Technology2000254.20
99 SHL Sonic Healthcare $15,650,256,487Health Care1987252.70
100 CAT Catapult Sports $404,106,473Information Technology2014234.40