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Top 100 Companies on the ASX with Popular Apps

Note: Displayed below are 100 companies with popular apps. It maybe useful for researching which companies may have apps with improving usage lately.
RankTickerCompany Name Market Cap Sector Listed Android App Reviews App Average Rating
1 SUN Suncorp $16,066,400,838Financials198800.00
2 NHF nib $3,808,316,062Financials200700.00
3 RKN Reckon $67,976,899Information Technology199900.00
4 NEC Nine $3,376,678,641Communication Services201300.00
5 GNC Graincorp $1,681,852,888Consumer Staples199800.00
6 BKL Blackmores $1,661,096,983Consumer Staples198500.00
7 YOJ Yojee $44,205,034Information Technology201000.00
8 GOZ Growthpoint $2,481,704,108Real Estate200700.00
9 DHG Domain $1,964,453,746Communication Services201700.00
10 AIZ Air New Zealand $2,425,294,308Industrials199700.00
11 TAH Tabcorp $2,530,219,418Consumer Discretionary199400.00
12 TD1 TALi Health $8,325,467Health Care200400.00
13 360 Life360 $1,119,515,706Information Technology201900.00
14 NUH Nuheara $33,110,668Information Technology201000.00
15 LME Limeade $69,483,910Information Technology201900.00
16 BLD Boral $3,926,994,772Materials200000.00
17 RBL Redbubble $130,528,505Consumer Discretionary201600.00
18 LNK Link Market Services $990,065,838Information Technology201500.00
19 DUB Dubber $138,406,526Information Technology200000.00
20 ALQ ALS Global $6,328,071,630Industrials195200.00
21 TNE Technology One $4,706,230,664Information Technology199900.00
22 BRG Breville $3,194,019,135Consumer Discretionary199900.00
23 OFX OFX $515,289,191Financials201300.00
24 SZL Sezzle $135,425,042Information Technology201900.00
25 TLS Telstra $47,142,063,600Communication Services199700.00
26 LVT LiveTiles $32,468,337Information Technology199900.00
27 HLO Helloworld $265,872,754Consumer Discretionary200000.00
28 HMD HeraMED $35,185,272Health Care201800.00
29 AGH Althea $22,405,496Health Care201800.00