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Find insights you hadn't even imagined.

  • Change in Website Popularity
  • App Usage Trends and Average Reviews
  • Change in Employee Numbers
  • Change in Job Ads Volume
  • Change in Brand Search Frequency
  • Website Subdomains
  • Search Companies by Announcement Keywords
  • And more...
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Free vs Premium

We try to give free users access to every tool, though premium users get increased functionality, like longer timeframes or additional filtering options.



Chart Timeframes: Up to 3 Months Example 3 Month Chart
Can provide some recent conclusions - changes in trend.
Chart Timeframes: Unlimited Example 1 Year Chart
Can provide additional/clearer conclusions, and longer term context.
Premium Tools and Ideas: Default Filter Settings Only Example 7 Day Chart
Can provide some short term conclusions - changes in trend.
Premium Tools and Ideas: Extra Timeframes and Filtering Options Example 30 Day Chart
Can provide additional/clearer conclusions.
Watchlist: Example Watchlist Only Example Watchlist
See how the example watchlist looks.
Watchlist: Select Your Own Companies Your Watchlist
Quick links to your company panels, recent combined announcements, recent combined dividends, and quick summary of metric changes for your companies.